Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country

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Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country Empty Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country

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.::Hinotama Kichida::.
~::Emissary of Iron Country::~

Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country Rain%20ninjas%20samurai%20artwork%20warriors%20conical%20hats%201920x1080%20wallpaper_www.wallpapermay.com_21
"I am not from these lands so I wont pretend to know all of your ways. I will not pretend to understand your life or the reasons you have for making the choices you do. But in the same sense...You do not know my life, you do not know what I have learned, you do not understand our culture. I was forged within the heart of Iron Country. I was borne into the world as raw ore, then heated with days of training, quenched with nights of meditation. Each day a trial, a lesson in discipline, a hammer blow to shape the steel of my spirit. Discarding impurities and uncertainties. I am a child of two worlds, the shinobi and the samurai. That simple fact is what has tempered me and built me into what I am today...Tell me...What are you?"



Samurai of Stone:
Inner Demons:

~::Basic Information::~
Name: Hinotama Kichida
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Village: Iron Country/Kumogakure
Rank: Advanced Genin
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Jade Green

~::Short History::~


~::Achievements of Note::~

[●]Disciplined, Dedicated, Loyal[●]
Nature: Wto take risks for the protection of his home and his friends.
Unique Features:
Specialization: Kenjutsu/Samurai Style

[●] Doton

~::Known Abilities and Inventions::~

::Shinto Chakra Gauntlets::
Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSLJ_8oW1nQDACM-yfHP5CiRaOUmM15MBeBPBSzYPox5ziG4NM

Name: Shinto Chakra Gauntlets
Type: Item
Description: There are many talismans believed to be blessed by Shinto priests, specifically designed to coax various kami into housing themselves within such to the benefit of the bearer. Some of the most common being Omamuri (protection amulets) designed to increase ones health or Hamaya (symbolic arrows to be used in the fight against evil or bad luck). However in the case of the samurai there are other exceptions to the rule....Priests that combined the ways of Shintoism and Zen Buddhism. In the case of these gauntlets the priests have entreated kami of the stone, the spirit and the sword to reside within the gauntlets. Allowing them to better enhance the abilities of the user. Letting them strike harder, and use techniques dedicated to the art of the blade with far less strain.

Bands of steel and shards of jade placed in seemingly meaningless patterns, though in truth there was a reason to the chaos. Outside of a beautiful piece of art the bands were placed in patterns to enhance the flow of wearers chakra, Ki to the samurai, allowing their techniques to strike true. The kami of the stone and the blade enhancing the raw force of the bearers attacks, be they with a blade, the fist or even those of the spirit. The kami of the spirit acting as a conduit to the users inner reserves. Helping them to use their chakra more efficiently in battle, techniques flowing with ease through the well crafted bands, focused through the precious stones. A powerful enchantment indeed.
DF: -1 to CP costs, 1d8 Universal Damage



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Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country Empty Re: Hinotama Kichida, Emissary of Iron Country

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E - Rank:

Chakra Dageki (Chakra Strike)
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
RP Description: By channeling a small amount of chakra into their weapon the user is able to hit more effectively.
CP Cost: 1
PVP: Rank Weapon Damage +1 damage
Note: This is required in order to learn other Kenjutsu
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – E Rank

D - Rank:

Hardened Steel
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 3cp
RP Description: Drawing a small amount of chakra into one’s blade the steel or material used to make the blade hardens to the day it once was perfect, causing one’s slash to be a lot sharper and effective.
PvP Effect: +2 Damage
Special Note: Adds 1 DR Pierce
Teacher: Kotoyo Kichida
Date: 3/7/16

Reverse Strike
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
RP Description: After feinting an attack, the user grips the weapon in reverse and strikes their opponent from the other side.
CP Cost: 3
PVP: +1 to attack roll
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – D Rank
Teacher: Kotoyo Kichida
Date: 3/10/16

Lazy Man’s hand
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu (Iaijutsu)
RP Description: As the enemy approaches, the user remains calm, their hand resting on the hilt of their sword. When the enemy comes into range, the user would draw their weapon and slash the enemy in a single fluid motion.
CP Cost: 3
PVP: Block. 1d4 Damage to attacker.
Note: Cannot be used to Defend Genjutsu.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – D Rank
Teacher: Self Taught
Witness: DM Scottie
Date: 3/13/16

C - Rank:

Open Handed Weapon Grab
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 6
RP Description: The user grabs onto a weapon, as they have nothing else in their hands at the time, that is being swung at them or near enough for them to catch a blade in motion. They would stop the weapon as it is being swung and negate the effects of the enemy and disarm them.
PVP Effect: +2 DEF roll against Kenjutsu only. Opponent drops weapon which cannot be used in their next attack but they can use Jutsu, Taijutsu, etc instead, can be recovered afterward as a free action
Special Note: User must not have a weapon when using jutsu.
Special Note: User must also disarm themselves, and collect their weapon on their next turn as a free action.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System – C Rank
Teacher: Aoiki Kichida
Date: 3/16/16

Elemental Infusion
Jutsu Type: Elemental Kenjutsu
Chakra Cost: 3 (+ Specific cost of element)
RP Description: The user infuses their weapon with an element, giving the weapon properties of that specific element.
PvP Effect: Each element does a different effect, described here.
Katon: 2 CP Per round) Does burning damage for 1d4 rounds for 1d6 damage per turn. (Target can use turn to put out fire.)
Raiton: 3 CP) Free Action - Boosts critical hit range by one point for the round.
Suiton: 2 CP ) Target suffers -2 to DEX rolls for 1d4 rounds (Rounds stack, Negatives don't)
Fuuton: 2 CP Per round) Gives a bonus of +2 to ATK Rolls. Next single target attack gains +1d6 Damage
Doton: 3 CP) User gains +2 to DEF roll. If DEF roll fails, User rolls con and gains 1/4 of CON roll as HP DR.
Medical: 3 CP) Heals an ally for 3d6+2 HP. (User must know Angel's Touch)
Special note: User must have Elemental Affinity to use the elemental effect. Can be used with -ANY- weapon. Upon activation, may use other techniques with the additional cp cost of the element in use.
Note: Only 1 elemental effect may be used at a single time.
Teaching/Learning: C-Rank
Teacher: Kotoyo Kichida
Date: 3/18/16



Rank E

Doton: Dirt Path
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 1
RP Description: With a few basic hand signs the user kicks a cloud of dirt, grass and mud at an opponent
PVP Effect: 1d4 damage
Special Note: Hijutsu available to all earth element academy students of every village

Doton: Mud Slab
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 2
RP Description: With a basic sign sequence, the user creates a small bit of mud under their opponent
PVP Effect: -1 to Target for their next roll
Special Note: Hijutsu available to all earth element academy students of every village

D - Rank:

C - Rank:

Doton: Fists of Stone
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Description: The user hand signs and sticks his hands into the earth. They then withdraws their hands with gloves of earth
PVP Effect: Add +2 to Strength Rolls, +1d4 to Taijutsu Damage, for 1d4 rounds.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - C Rank


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