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(150 Tokens)

In centuries past, when Kumogakure was just being formed, there were no major bloodlines, or ancient clans. There was only warriors, who fought for their Raikage. Each had different ancestry, ability, and affinity, but all of these warriors united under the flag of Kumogakure to defend its land and interests. Among these warriors, clear tiers of combat ability began to form, and the elite grew reticent about their heightened status. Soon their families began to breed and train exclusively to secure their dominance over the warrior society. Years later, the need for the army declined with the development of the shinobi caste and unique ability-wielding bloodlines. The Kichida Clan had past formed out of this heightened tier of warriors, and their pride and dedication to the mastery of the Warrior Way brought the clan to survive decades of changes around them. Today, the Kichida clan is on an uprising from the shambles that the previous clan head left it in. Instead of coveting their knowledge, the Kichida share much of it with the shinobi they work alongside. Despite their small remaining clan size, they are recognized as some of the best Kenjutsuists in all of the 5 Great Villages.


[A Life of Weapons]
A Kichida spends their life in the practice of weaponry and their capabilities, as such, they are masters of combat and their own bodies. A Kichida generally focuses on one weapon exclusively, but has knowledge of all weapons.

Universal: Kichida have No Weapon Penalties (Including Dual Wield), When Buying their first custom weapon, it has a 25 Token Discount
Genin: +1 to DEX Rolls, Kenjutsu Pierce 2 DR, +1d4 to Kenjutsu Damage Rolls.
Chunin: +2 to DEX Rolls, Kenjutsu Pierce 3 DR, +1d6 to Kenjutsu Damage Rolls.
Jounin: +3 to DEX Rolls, Kenjutsu Pierce 4 DR, +1d8 to Kenjutsu Damage Rolls.


[Conditioning Masters]
Kichida train on a daily basis, because of this training their bodies are highly conditioned for combat. Whether it is practicing with a variety of weapons, or just one, the Kichida learn to optimize the use of their body to the highest potential. A Kichida knows exactly how to use their bodies in regards to training with unfamiliar aspects, quickly adapting to new weapon styles.

Unversal: +10 to Kenjutsu Learning Rolls, +5 to Learning Rolls they teach Kenjutsu.
Genin: +2 DR vs HP, -1 Kenjutsu CP Costs, +10 HP
Chunin: +3 DR vs HP, -2 Kenjutsu CP Costs, +15 HP
Jounin: +4 DR vs HP, -3 Kenjutsu CP Costs, +20 HP


[Clan Jutsu]

Any Kichida is capable of creating custom Kichida Hijutsu. Custom Jutsu created in this manner are created following the custom Jutsu chart and must be learned as per the Jutsu Gate Learning System. All Kichida are allowed to create 2x E - B Hijutsu and 1x A - S Hijutsu for free. Note: Clan Hijutsu can be taught outside of the clan, but only by the original creator of the technique (Unless stated otherwise.)

(Note: All A-C Custom Jutsu are automatically Learnt, the B Rank + must still be learnt as per Jutsu Learning Rules.)


[Enhanced Combat Lethality]
(Extra 50 Tokens)
Some Kichida expand their knowledge further in the sense that they learn they vital points in the human body, and learn to spot the weaknesses in an opponents defenses. This in turn increases their chances of dealing a fatal blow.

Universal: Small Weapons) Kichida Using Small Weapons follow Medium Weapon Chart (Including Dual Wield)
Universal: Medium Weapons) Kichida Using Medium Weapons follow large Weapon Chart (Medium Off Hand If Dual Wielding)
Genin: +1 DEX Rolls, No Crit Range Change on Kenjutsu
Chunin: +2 DEX Rolls, 19-20 Crit Range on Kenjutsu
Jounin: +3 DEX Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range on Kenjutsu

(Large Weapons - Large Weapon bonus is as per normal Weapon Rules.)
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