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[Genji Clan]
(100 Tokens)

With their foundations being in the Wind Country, the Genji clan excels in the art of Kyudo. They have carved out their own niche within Sunagakure because of their prowess with a bow, and have become famed scouts on missions. Though they are a bit shunned for their use of unconventional weaponry, it would be a great insult to say they aren't an asset to the village. In the clan wars, The Genji clan set itself apart from other clans as masterful scouts and sabateurs. Able to infiltrate enemy lands and engage the enemy from long distances. Their most famous part of their history is when the clan elder, Ryuma Genji, fired an arrow that spanned the distance of over two thousand yards and killing the head of the Hoshigaki clan at the time. Because of this even to this day the Genji clan and the Hoshigaki clans are bitter enemies.


[Blood of the Hawk]
The Genji clan is known for their stark white hair, and piercing red eyes, making them an unnerving foe to fight. It is said that they were descended from Hawks, and because of this they can see farther and with more detail that most average people. Also, because they use the bow as their primary weapon, they have grown accustom to feeling the wind, making a Genji a natural wind element user.

Universal: All Genji Automatically Gain Wind Element.
Genin: +1 to WIS Rolls, +10 to Spot
Chunin: +2 to WIS Rolls, +15 to Spot
Jounin: +3 to WIS Rolls, +20 to Spot


[Toned Accuracy]
The Genji are known for their accuracy, but little do people know, that when the Genji clan as a group, their targets are usuall one another. They focus their attacks on each other, piercing their own clan members skin and allowing them to slowly tone and shape their bodies. Thanks to this, the accuracy and strength of Genji's shots are so deadly, the arrows cause immense pain.

Universal: All Bow Techniques / Clan Jutsu are rolled with WIS.
Genin: +1d4 Bow Techniques / Clan jutsu, +10 HP
Chunin: +1d6 Bow Techniques / Clan jutsu, +15 HP
Jounin: +1d8 Bow Techniques / Clan jutsu, +20 HP

The users of this Clans abilities all are unique in the way that they hold different preferences, some prefer to stalk their prey through the darkness, others prefer to shoot them from a distance away. Because of this each Genji spends their time honing their abilities.
(All Genji Gain 2 Custom Jutsu of E/D/C/B-Rank Jutsu, and 1 Custom A/S Rank Jutsu for Free. They Start out Automatically Knowing their E-C Rank Jutsu, and must learn the Rest.)


[Genji Toolbelt]

All Genji start out with the following. 1x Bow (Must Choose Longbow or Shortbow on Creation), x20 Arrows, 1 Smoke bomb, 1 Ninja Wire, 2 Explosive Tags.

Shortbow: While Drawn Grants a +1 to ATK Rolls with Arrows
Longbow: While Drawn Grants a +2 to ATK Rolls with Arrows but -1 to DEF Rolls
Arrows: Deals Rank Kenjutsu Damage +2 and Peirce's 2 DR


(50 Tokens - Enhanced Clan)
Every few generations a clan member is born with incredibly sharp eyes, able to see details that most humans would never be able to see. Because of this they are put into training by the moment they can wield a bow, designated to be the clan's and village's assassin when it is needed, and they become the pride of the Clan. It is said children born with this are always destined to do great things, Ryuma Genji was born with this eye.

Universal: +10 to Spot, Can tell how hurt someone is (Read HP Levels)
Genin: +1 Bow Rolls, 20-20 Crit Range with Wind / Clan Jutsu
Chunin: +2 Bow Rolls, 19-20 Crit Range with Wind / Clan Jutsu
Jounin: +2 Bow Rolls, 18-20 Crit Range with Wind / Clan Jutsu
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