Kazekage of Sunagakure

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Kazekage of Sunagakure

Post by N:RE DM Team on Thu May 12, 2016 7:08 pm

ACTING 8TH KAZEKAGE:  Captain Kaizo-Satoshi



IC DM Notes:
Personality: Unwavering happiness regardless of any disposition. Always serious, and always plans ahead. True motives are never expressed, for good, or for bad.
PC Interaction: Etsuko Kag'ame - Warranted Arrest and Execution

7th Kazekage:
7TH KAZEKAGE " Puppet Master " Mitsuko Tryunaga (F)

ABILITY) Perfect Control
UNIVERSAL: 100 HP 150 CP Puppet Master, Medical and Earth Elements. (Knows all jutsu in elements)
+6 ATK / DEF Rolls
-4 CP Used on Puppet Techniques
3 CP Regen
+1d8 Damage on Puppet Basic Attacks (Applies per round)
+50 Hide / MS Rolls

ABILITY) Puppet Army
UNIVERSAL: Mitsuko has 100's of basic puppets that she uses. 5 CP Per puppet, 1 CP Per round (May use 5 at a time)
Know's any custom Kugutsu created by PC's.

ABILITY) Ten Puppet Control
25 Cp + 5 Cp Maintenance
UNIVERSAL: Summons ten puppets, controlling all at once. All puppets attack in a single unit and do Rank Large Weapon Damage x 2

IC DM Notes:
Personality: Flirtacious / Loud / Outgoing / Flamboyany / Protective over Young Females
PC Interaction: Etsuko Kag'ame - God Mother (Parents were close), Kai Moushou - Family (Mitsuko Married to a Mousho)
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