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[Sunagakure] Puppetry

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(100 Tokens)

The Puppet Technique is a unique ninjutsu fighting style; this technique uses chakra threads to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra threads can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill can use fewer strings per puppet. Both Chiyo and Sasori demonstrated the ability to control entire puppets perfectly using just one thread. While most puppeteers (傀儡使い, kugutsutsukai) would normally be able to control ten puppets at most (one per finger), Sasori's self-modification allowed him to control up to one hundred puppets at a time. This technique has few weaknesses: according to Shino Aburame's observations during his fight against Kankurō, the Puppet Technique is a long range style, meaning that the puppeteers are weak against close range fighters. Since most puppeteer use his or her hands to manipulate the puppets, if their hands are disabled, then the technique can be neutralised. And because the puppet's movements are based on the mechanisms that were installed inside, interfering with said mechanisms can stall the puppet entirely. Another weakness is that a puppet's movement is dependent on the will of the user, and as such there will be a time lag between the user's commands and the puppet's response.

The first Kugutsu user dates back centuries and is written in a few books of the man who created it. Known as Akykyo he was one of the founders of Sunagakure and the second Kazekage, his statue lives within the puppet brigade's building. Akykyo was worshipped for his chakra control, and the amount of puppets he could control with a single finger. Throughout Suna and Wind country, small spires stand which are said to be a means that Akykyo could transport himself and his puppets within seconds. Hundred's of Akykyo's puppets are still held under the puppet brigade, and only those that prove themselves are able to wield them. It is considered a great honour to even look at his puppets, let alone claim and control one. However, there is one puppet that no one but the leader of the Puppet Brigade and only a select few ever see, and that is Akykyo himself. Only a Kugutsu user that has mastered the control of chakra strings is said to be able to wield him as a puppet and noone has proved themselves, yet.


[Kugutsu no Jutsu]
Kugutsu no Jutsu, though centered around Sunagakure are all able to manipulate and bend chakra in the unique way of holding puppets as per normal. They are able to in essence be masters of puppetry jutsu, a special combat that lets their chakra networks be far more advanced then any other possibly known.

Universal: +10 Total CP, May Summon Puppets. Each Puppet is 5 CP to Summon, and 2 CP a Round to Maintain Each. Gain 1 'Basic Puppet'.
Genin: +1 to WIS Rolls, +10 CP, May Use 1 Puppet at a Time (2 Puppets at Advanced Genin)
Chunin: +2 to WIS Rolls, +15 CP, May Use 2 Puppets at a Time (3 Puppets at Advanced Chuunin)
Jounin: +3 to WIS Rolls, +20 CP, May Use 3 Puppets at a Time

[Basic Puppet]
A basic wooden Puppet that all Puppet Users can Begin with at any time.

Hitpoints: 1/2 Level + Wisdom Mod
DR: 2 DR vs Kenjutsu/Taijtusu
ATK/DEF: Wisdom Roll of the User
Base Damage: Small Weapon Damage, No Penalties


[Perfect Tactic]
Puppetry is a technique that, technically, renders the user vulnerable, so over the years those that use Puppetry have found ways to allow themselves to hide. Using their puppets, they are able to quickly slip away into the shadows, or somewhere in their surrounding area. This allows for them to use their puppets from safety, unless they are found.

Universal: Puppetry Shinobi are able to Hide more times per fight, but CAN NOT use sneak attack bonuses.
Genin: -2 DEX / STR Rolls, +10 Hide / Move Silently Rolls, Can Hide 2x Per Fight
Chunin: -2 DEX / STR Rolls, +20 Hide / Move Silently Rolls, Can Hide 3x Per Fight
Jounin: -2 DEX / STR Rolls, +30 Hide / Move Silently Rolls, Can Hide 4x Per Fight

[Custom Puppets]
(50 to 200 Tokens - Key to Clan)
All users of the Puppetry Technique hold the ability to create their own customized Jutsu. These Puppetry Shinobi are able to in essence make perfect creations that they use in combat.

Rule 1 ) When a Puppet is made they must be 50 to 200 Tokens. If a Puppet goes beyond 200 Tokens then the remaining Token Csot is added to your Item Maximum Cap. (So a 250 Token Puppet, 50 tokens would go into your 50/400 Item Cap.)
Rule 2 ) All Puppets Must be Sent to the DM team with their Customizable Abilities, following the Guide Bellow on Token Costs.
Rule 3 ) You may Make as Many Puppets as you Want, However you may only summon those that have HP currently. All Puppets HP is restored after the Fight.
Rule 4 ) Puppets can Be Stunned for 1 Round if hit by a Attack that Damage CP, but take no actual Damage.
Rule 5 ) Either the puppeteer can take an action, or the puppets can. They can not do both. If the puppeteer is stunned the puppets can not act.
Rule 6 ) Puppeteers may hide, and still attack with puppets and not reveal themselves.
Rule 7 ) Puppeteers Puppets gain their Puppeteers Wisdom Bonus Damage to their Attacks. This Bonuses is added to 1 attack a round.
Rule 8 ) All Puppets are Immune to Poison/Venom/Negatives to Rolls and Genjutsu.
Rule 9 ) Puppets May use Weapons/Custom Weapons if they have the ability to use them. See below Token Guide.
Rule 10 ) Basic puppets may be purchased for a cost of 10 Tokens and have no added bonuses to them. Basic Puppets may be upgraded at any time, but must still be approved via the DM team and have a 10 token discount applied if they are upgraded. (Due to the initial 10 tokens spent on the Basic Version)

[Token Mark Guide]


+1 to Attack or Defense Rolls: 15 Tokens a Point (Max +3)
+1 to Attack and Defense Rolls: 30 Tokens a Point (Max +3)
+1 to Damage Rolls: 1 Tokens a Point (Max +2)
+1d4 to Damage Rolls: 5 Tokens
+1d6 to Damage Rolls: 10 Tokens
+1d8 to Damage Rolls: 15 Tokens
+1 DR Peirce to Attacks: 10 Tokens a Point (Max +3)
+1 Puppet HP Regen: 20 Tokens a Point (Max +3)
+1 DR vs HP Dmg: 10 Tokens a Point (Max +5)
Ability to Use Weapons with Normal Penalties: 10 Tokens
Ability to Use Weapons with No Penalties, Normal Duel Wield Penalties: 20 Tokens
Ability to Use Weapons and Duel Wield Weapons with no Penalties: 30 Tokens
Other Epic Stuff Not Listed Here: DM Decision Token Cost


The users of this Clans are able to form there own peppery abilities that separate them from the rest, allowing them to in essence build, maintain, control ad manipulate their chakra strings to a perfect degree in order to make their own unique formations and puppetry Jutsu.
(All Kugutsu no Jutsu Users Gain 2 Custom Jutsu of E/D/C/B-Rank Jutsu, and 1 Custom A/S Rank Jutsu for Free. They Start out Automatically Knowing their E-C Rank Jutsu, and must learn the Rest.)


[Diligent Fingers]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Clan)
A few of the clan hold incredibly advanced chakra networks, combined with advanced ability using their fingers and manipulation of their hands. Thanks to this they are able to bend, manipulate and form chakra into their puppets with incredible ease and skill.

Universal: -2 CP On Puppetry Jutsu, -1 to Puppetry Maintenance CP Costs (Min 1 a Round).
Genin: +10 Total CP, +1d4 to Puppetry Damage Rolls
Chunin: +15 Total CP, +1d6 to Puppetry Damage Rolls
Jounin: +20 Total CP, +1d8 to Puppetry Damage Rolls
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