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[Universal] Hitamashi

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[Hitamashi Clan]
(Flaming Soul clan)
(100 tokens)

Hitamashi Clan like to think of themselves as a very simple and noble clan, containing no hatred, no anger, and no negative outlooks on life. They are a clan of Former monks who for their entire life from generation to generation have studied inner peace. And while they are indeed apart of Yukagakure they for most of their life have lived to the north on the border of frost country and hot water country because of their secret techniques.

Living in Temple's Primarily, they live careful and humble lifes, desiring no conflict, and many normal luxuries of lief. however the Clan itself does not control how those in the clan live, member can eat how they like, sleep how they life, and live how they like. there only true obligation is that they meditate and train and take a vow for peace. An average day in the life of a Hitamashi would be as simple as live, explore, learn, and train in the ways of a Monk, Although it is clearly acceptable to become a shinobi and work for your village.

There techniques and abilities are all a secret to outsiders, knowing special medications, and having superhuman like bodies, Well known to be seen wearing very little clothing, wearing shorts and nothing else as they walk across hard rocks, and cold snow. Performing mind splitting endurance tests they have a great and unique ability to meditate anywhere, common meditation spots they have been seen in are on top of great mountains, swimming in icy lakes, even balancing on single rocks with nothing but there tiniest toe over a giant pool of deadly sharks.

[Mind, Body, and Soul]
The Power of a Peaceful and balanced mind can do wonders for the body, a strong and powerful body can give a man a very unique soul, and a strong soul can deliver a healthy and balanced mind, because of this mantra, Hitamashi clan have mastered the ability to fight off illusions and those who would dare to taint the mind of their Clan.
Universal: CON can be used in defence of GENJUTSU. CON used to BLOCK in place of STR
Genin: + 1 CON Rolls, 3 DR vs HP and CP DMG
Chunin: + 2 CON Rolls, 4 DR vs HP and CP DMG
Jounin: + 3 CON Rolls, 5 DR vs HP and CP DMG

[Secret techniques of the Hitamashi Clan]
The Hitamashi clan, although peaceful, have creating their own set of techniques to help the user as well as the clan as a whole, attain inner peace. Through meditative stances the user can defend itself in several unique ways. There are 6 techniques of Meditation in the Clan, but all clan members create their own unique type of meditation techniques themselves.
Universal: Hitamashi start with Light Element and 1 more of their choice, Gaining no more at later ranks.
Genin: Maximum of 1 Meditation active at a single time, -1 CP on Clan Jutsu (Min 1), -1 Round Maintenance cost on Meditation's (Min 1)
Chunin: Maximum of 2 Meditation's active at a single time*, -2 CP on Clan Jutsu (Min 1), -1 Round Maintenance cost on Meditation's (Min 1)
Jounin: Maximum of 3 Meditation's active at a single time*, -2 CP on Clan Jutsu (Min 1), -1 Round Maintenance cost on Meditation's (Min 1)
(* Must still pay round maintenance for each Meditation)

(User can make 3 clan Jutsu. The first 2 can be of any rank from E-B and the last one A or S. All Clan Techniques are used / learnt with CON.)

Special note: All meditations can he used and maintained in battle, even if hit. Once activated they can maintain as long as they like but cannot use in Jutsu (Unless they have the Enhanced Clan), Unless Defensive and/or Clan Jutsu, they may still do Basic Taijutsu and Kenjutsu attacks though, but do not gain any of the effects from the currently active Meditations for their ATK.

Universal Clan Jutsu:
[E rank]
[Inner Fire Meditation]
Jutsu Type: Meditation
Jutsu Rank: E
CP cost: 2
RP: the most basic of all Meditations is also one of the only meditations that make the clan seem almost inhumane. By using a small amount of chakra once, the user can take deep breaths and physically heat his body with the power of his mind. Allows the user to swim in frozen lakes, climb up icy mountains, and even increase his body’s immune system to immeasurable levels to fight off infection and poison.
PVP: Free Action) User removes 1 Round of every negative currently applied to them.
Special note: CON + 1 vs Poison DMG (If Defending)

[D rank]

[Perceptive Meditation]

Jutsu type: Meditation
Jutsu Rank: D
CP cost: 2 (+1 Per Round Maintained)
RP: This type of Meditative stance allows the user to be more perceptive whilst in battle, or maybe even when simply resting. They open there mind’s eye to all those around them allowing them to see incoming threats, or hear the gentle fluttering of a near by bird.
PVP: +1 to DEF Rolls and +10 to spot/listen

[C rank]

Growing Roots
Jutsu type: Meditation
Jutsu Rank: C
CP cost: 3 (+1 Per Round Maintained)
RP: By living and meditating with wildlife, the user learns how to become one with the life force of nature, although he himself not tapping into the nature of life, they instead learn how to use their mind to heal their bodies and Regan there chakra, making them feel more in tuned with plants.
PVP: +1 HP and CP Regen. On Activation, user heals 1d6+1 HP
Special note:

[Living Stone]
Jutsu Type: Meditation
Jutsu Rank: B
CP Cost: 5 (+2 Per Round Maintained or 7 If used as a Defensive Jutsu)
RP: By meditating with the earth, rocks, and mountains a member of this clan can perform this technique and make their skin tough as rock, and their bodies stronger than most others. Making weapons harder to penetrate the defenses of a Hitamashi.
PVP: Meditation: +2 HP and CP DR, +2 to DEF Rolls.
Defensive Jutsu: +3 to DEF Roll, if DEF Rolls fails, gain +4 DR vs incoming DMG (User chooses if HP or CP DR)

[A rank]

Paper Body
Jutsu Type: Meditation
Jutsu Rank: A
CP Cost: 7 (+3 Per Round Maintained)
RP: Years of Mental and physical flexibility training allows for this meditation to be used. Turing the body like paper origami, the user can dodge, block, defend, and overall not be touched by an enemy in all forms even in the mind. Moving there body’s like paper and their minds like an unwritten book, they are unpredictable even to the best of fighters
PVP: User gains +4 to DEF Rolls but suffers -2 to ATK Rolls. Those attacking the user with Taijutsu / Kenjutsu / Close Range Ninjutsu also suffer a -2 to their ATK Roll.
Special Note:

[S rank]

Plague Meditation
Jutsu Type: (Forbidden) Meditation
Jutsu Rank: S
CP Cost: 25 CP
RP: A Last resort, a technique all masters know and dread to use. The ultimate and greatest realization of a Hitamashi is the universal fact. . That human kind was created for destruction. By taking this meditation the user is literally turning the environment into a Desolate wasteland, destroying all around him and in turn destroying the user as well. Aging the life around him, and himself he brings a plague of death upon his foes and allies alike for a 3 mile radius.
PVP: User is Permanently Killed. All those currently near the User suffer 5d10+3 HP DMG and 3d10 CP DMG.
Special Note: Undodgeable

[Monkey see Monkey dodge-Defensive Fighting]
(50 Token - Enhanced Clan)
Hitamashi clan is well known for being peace loving, therefore to them fighting is a pointless game for violent brutes, but a game that the Monk clan has much fun playing is fighting them without fighting. The Monk-like clan training in a specific type of fighting, to fight with a stable and powerful mind which allows for them to be brilliant defenders and dodgers. because of this, Hitamashi make good distractions as well as Teachers, Sensei's, and even caretakers for there ability to play with local shinobi, of great or weak standards.
Universal: +2 HP Regen, May use Ninjutsu with CON at -2 to Roll. (This includes whilst Meditating)
Genin: +1 DEF Rolls, +10 HP
Chunin: +2 DEF Rolls +20 HP
Jounin: +3 DEF Rolls +30 HP
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