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[Universal] Kimi

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[The Kimi]
(100 Tokens)
The Kimi Clan are a family branch of speakers, orators, politicians, lawyers, and ambassadors. They are extremely cunning and highly charismatic. It is said their very being in a room can motivate or depress a room. With Yugakura budding as a new power among the Great Shinobi Village the Kimi are being employed more and more in the business rooms. Kimi come in many varieties, from calm, cool, and collected and fiery and full of vigor. Both are common, and all are accepted, as long as the Kimi can stir others into action the Clan will ever be successful. Occasionally they will induct one of their own into the Shinobi force. Shinobi Kimi possess secret techniques beyond even their intelligent and persuasive kin. Their Hijutsu make them one of Yuga's most skilled intelligence and interrogation nin.

[Ninja Toolbag]
Kimi nin are trained in a variety of skills, however they excel at delay and stall tactics to support their teammates. With this in mind the clan possesses a number of skills and abilities tailored to such methods.
Universal: 3 Ninja Wire, 1 Chakra Pill, 1 Poison Smoke Bomb, 1 Smoke Bomb, 3 Kunai, 1 Explosive Tag

The Kimi clan possess a rather unique chakra. It manifests in an aura around them, a cloak that affects those in the immediate area depending on the intensity of the Kimis skill. The cloak allows the Kimi to play on their pheromones, body language, and chakra to subvert the networks and systems of others. This technique makes the Kimi a Clan of powerful genjutsu users.
Universal: CHA replaces INT for Genjutsu (Including Stat Bonuses)
Universal: Gain 1x Custom Jutsu of Each Rank. May be taught to other Kimi Clan Members.
Genin: +1 DEF Rolls, +1 Genjutsu Duration / DC
Chunin: +2 DEF Rolls, +2 Genjutsu Duration / DC
Jonin: +3 DEF Rolls, +3 Genjutsu Duration / DC

Simply by being the proximity Kimi can inspire their allies into greatness. Their mere presence can afford bursts of insight and desires to excel. As they develop their Shinobi arts and greater control over their chakra they subliminally begin to direct their companies and pass on their comprehension. Like their presence this becomes a passive statement to the Kimi Conditioning techniques.
Free Action) 5 CP to Active, 2 CP Per Round Maintained
Universal: Kimi gains +2 HP Regen whilst inpsire is activated.
Genin: Kimi and Allies gain +1 to ATK/DEF Rolls, and +1 to DMG Rolls (Applies to Passive Cap)
Chunin: Kimi and Allies gain +2 to ATK/DEF Rolls, and +1d4-1 (Min 1) to DMG Rolls (Applies to Passive Cap)
Jonin: Kimi and Allies gain +3 to ATK/DEF Rolls, and +1d4 to DMG Rolls (Applies to Passive Cap)

When they desire the Kimi are able to manipulate their Aura on a reverse scale, selectively targeting individuals to blanket with thoughts and feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness. This leeches determination, passion, and focus, the more skilled the Kimi the more powerful their demoralization. In addition they gain the ability to spread their Genutsu through their aura, blanketing pocket areas and expanding their reach.
Free Action) 5 CP to Active, 2 CP Per Round Maintained
Universal: CHA vs Targets INT/WIS/CHA) Targets suffer -2 to ATK/DEF Rolls (Can Roll in DEF each turn)
Genin: Kimi Genjutsu Target an Additional Target
Chunin: Kimi Genjutsu Target two Additional Target's
Jonin: Kimi Genjutsu Target three Additional Target's
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