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Current World Events

Post by DM Iruka on Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:06 pm

[Sunagakure and the Land of Wind]
As of June 6, 2016 (our time), the world has seen massive changes in the world environment that are slowly progressing to be the norm for the regions of the world. In The Land of Wind (Wind Country), known to have such horrible heat waves and sand storms, has seen an increase in sandstorms (link to darude sandstorm) which have absolutely ravaged the nomads of the desert, and utterly decimating settlements scattered about the land. As one nomad noted on the storms “it was unlike any storm we had ever seen… the day just suddenly became night… and then the winds hit us with so great a force that many of us were carried thousands of meters into the sky, above the storm. The gods are angry with us, with all of us.” These storms have been followed with intense heatwaves, some so much that animals suited for this environment have been found with most of their flesh melted off of their bones. Any person who would step outside without their bodies totally covered will find their skin bubbling in just a few moments of exposure. Food has become extremely scarce in this environment, and widespread famine ravages the people of the land, the violent weather has made it next to impossible to send supplies between villages, towns, and cities. The waters surrounding the land have been seen to boil, killing off much of the sea life, which simply washes ashore and decays in the blistering heat.
Shinobi of Sunagakure have been attempting to remedy these situations to the best of their abilities, calling upon ancient forbidden jutsu which require a human sacrifice in order to change the weather patterns but so far these remedies are only temporary and the cost of human life would be too great to continue with. When the borders of Wind were closed off by the Feudal lord of Wind, Sunagakure Shinobi were tasked with patrolling the border in order to keep anyone from entering… or attempt to leave. Scores of refugees have been slaughtered at the border by the Feudal Lord’s men, and their belongings have been used to pay for much of the relief aid from other villages. Upon noticing this, sects of Sunagakure Shinobi have begun to ferry people out of the country through hidden tunnels and through laxly defended borders between smaller nations and wind. These sects have caused a rift in Sunagakure itself, and looks to be leading to a civil war within the village itself. Leadership is split on the course of action which it must take, and the famine has begun to hit the village, leading many to believe that killing the civilians might bring forth more food for them by removing the mouths to feed, while others try to explain that getting these people to the other lands does exactly that, much to no avail peacefully.
Inside the cities of Wind, we see open rebellion against the Feudal Lord. Villagers pick up arms, and begin to take back sectors of the cities, forcing back the feudal army, already stretched thin because of the lock down of the borders. Many members of the military have begun to turn their back on the lord as well, and assist in the open battles against the Lord’s Army. Shinobi from Sunagakure have been found on these battlefields, openly and covertly supporting both the civilians and the lord, causing even more strife inside the village. We are seeing in Wind country the start of an all-out civil war inside the country as political discussion breaks down into violence and bloodshed. The surrounding nations have taken notice of the strife and are beginning to smuggle in weapons and food to the best of their abilities in order to supply the rebels and in some cases to supply the Lord’s Army.
The storms and heat make this job incredibly difficult over land, but smugglers and blockade runners routinely make trips by sea into the port cities of the country, using major countries like Fire and Tea as their base of operations. Earth country, a refuge for many missing ninja, has become a breeding ground of support for the rebels of Wind Country, bringing in many mercenaries to operate inside of the Wind. The Feudal Lord of Water Country has sent ships into the area in order to assist in capturing smugglers and any accounts of pirate activity on the open sea. In response to the increase in naval activity in the area, many of those who would commit piracy on the high seas have been hired out as privateers by the smaller nations, adding to the chaos in the region. Kirigakure has become involved as the highest bidder gains control of the Hoshigaki brigade which can sink entire navies as they prowl along the shores of the coast. In one recent engagement both the feudal lord of wind and the lord of River contracted out Kirigakure, resulting into almost every ship in that battle being sunk, looted, and the waters becoming red with the blood of so many combatants. The entirety of the Hagari Gulf has become a battleground, greatly disrupting trade in the region and causing the Lord of Fire to hire out privateers to protect his trade ships from other privateers.

Update: In North West Wind, the Altar was found, just south of the border of Bear Country. The Kazekage may or may not be there with the Altar. Sunagakure has a full scale army waiting inside their village to attack any who may attempt to find their way into the country or attack the Altar. The Country is on high alert, with defenses being absolute in their construction. Entire fortresses seem to be cropping up inside the country on the lands that remain as the people who rebelled and their families are placed into slavery to work for the Daimyo. The royal army of Wind seems to have grown in size, and new weapons are being implemented, imported from Sky Country across the ocean. These new weapons have had a huge impact on naval battles and soon will be having a huge impact on the land battles.

The entire area of North West Wind, with the Altar being the center, is now nothing more than a sheet of glass, going down roughly 20 feet below the surface. This has come about as of both the destruction of the altar itself as well as the explosives which were used to explode that same altar (equivalent to a small nuclear bomb). That altar, as well as the Kazekage, has been obliterated and those who survived the blast were treated back in Kumogakure. This lead to the destruction of what was left of the shinobi who supported the Kazekage, and to the restructuring of the remainder of Sunagakure Shinobi to follow the Jounin Commander to support the new leader of Wind Country.

12/12/2016 (Updated):
Sunagakure is in shambles, a shade of its former self. War has shattered the Land of Wind, with the citizens of the country taking full control. The Daimyo no longer exists in Wind Country, the people have instituted their own form of government, the “People’s Republic of the Land of Wind,” which has already gained enough power to take back all lands lost by the Daimyo and his men. The People’s Army is led by a man known as Yano Naizen, a great military general who led the rebels into the Great Battle of the Black Desert. He broke through the ranks of the largest portion of the Daimyo’s Royal guard and personally took the head of the Daimyo. Naizen’s head is at the top of the list for some villages in the surrounding countries, however he is guarded by the remains of Sunagakure’s shinobi, who have now become a nomadic group. Sunagakure is no longer of the 5 largest villages, their population absolutely devastated by the internal strife and subsequent wars with the hidden villages on all sides of the country. The village itself has become nothing more than a ghost town, covered by an unending sandstorm allowing none to go back to the area. The Storm is said to be the souls of the shinobi killed in battle who are now cursed to fight within the village until the end of time itself.
[Those who wish to continue playing their Sunagakure Shinobi have the option to once again inside of Wind, however they will be tasked with the protection of the main army and most likely won’t see many events outside of Suna. They can and will be asked to come back for Sunagakure events but may return to the other villages afterwards.]

[Kirigakure and the Land of Water]
In Water Country, we see mostly normal conditions for the people of the land. However, there are reports of an illness taken hold in the land, many villages and villagers have reported an increase in the need for medicinal herbs. This has led to a boom in the trade of medicines from the Land of Fire into The Land of Water, leading to growing suspicions from the advisors of the Feudal Lord of Water. Rumors spread around the court that Fire Country may have spread a plague into Water Country in order to stop the support of the Lord of Wind and to increase the size of the market which they sell to. Of course, the rumors are nothing more than that, however, the Feudal Lords have been sending shinobi from their respective villages into each other’s court to gather information on what is occurring. Shinobi from both Fire and Water would know that this is happening, and that relations with both villages are relatively strained for the duration of these events. Shinobi from the Hidden Mist will be seen less often in Leaf as they prepare to defend their homeland and research the plague that is incoming. The Hoshigaki brigade, however, is currently stationed inside of the Southern ports of Fire Country, as they have been officially hired out by the Feudal Lord of Fire as permanent protection for his merchant ships, as they carry much of the necessary medical supplies that Water Country needs at this time.
Little else is known about the politics of Water, however, as the political leaders have kept most of what is happening in the country under wraps. Kirigakure is shrouded in mystery as it always has, the Mitsukage is running a rather tight ship, and most villages are still unaware of their practices or motives inside the lands. Missions involving joint operations between Fire and Water will be extremely rare these days, especially with the loss of the prior squad to the “Dark Lord Abaddon.” Due to those events and several other instances of issues between the nations, the Kage have stopped their constant talks for the time being.

[Konohagakure and The Land of Fire]
The climate of the Land of Fire is currently in the process of changing, however it is much slower than that of the Land of Wind. Much of the land has become dry, wildfires have become much more prevalent an issue in the lands, where several villages have been completely destroyed by the wildfires which rip across the plains and through the forests. In the north, violent winds have been seen to uproot trees across roads and rivers. While this is a relatively normal occurrence, many of the uprooted trees have stood for thousands of years, and have been felled in droves. This has become a godsend for lumber jacks within the nation, and has led to an increase in the amount of wood in the market.
Economically, the land is sound, but is currently recovering from the recent attacks by the legions of Abaddon. In the most recent times, it seems that the actions of the shinobi jointly from Leaf and Lightning has caused for a brief moment of respite in the advances of Abaddon, but no one can know for how long. Hundreds have been displaced during the attacks, many villages were razed to the ground in this onslaught of forces, and much of the land has become uninhabitable due to a strange presence or force that has as one priest stated “killed the earth.” These are random and sparsely populated in the areas which the legions rose from, grey dirt marks the area with dead animals found inside and around these perfectly circular areas. Nothing grows in those plots of land and any creature which wanders upon it ages rapidly towards their own death so long as they stand on the “dead” land.
Politically, the Land of Fire is still trading between all nations except the Land of Wind. It trades most regularly with Water Country as has been explained earlier. Tensions between the two nations are rather high as they are coming to blows on the high seas with numerous maritime incidents causing for the hiring of private and the use of military ships to protect all trade ships in and out of the Land of Fire from the Rebels of Wind and the naval vessels of Wind and Water. This has led to shinobi being hired out by both sides to protect ships on their travels across the waters. This has really helped out the shinobi villages who were beginning to see a decrease in their profits but an increase in expenses over the last few years.

[Update] Konohagakure has now burned to the ground. The Hokage has disappeared entirely, those who survived the infighting within the streets of the village have found that much of the land around them has died. Trees for miles seem to have lost their color and are now turning grey in death.  Surrounding the village, fires which took up have died out, as well as much of the wildlife for miles. The grass outside of the trees and in the countrysides are slowly turning brown, all originating from Konohagakure, the epicenter of all of this death and destruction.  It is like a cancer, creeping across the land slowly. The Feudal lord has upped the guard along the borders and is about to invade River Country and then Wind country. Without the help of the shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, the Lord has hired out what remains of shinobi from Iwagakure and from the Hidden Rain village to supplement his forces.
Those who return home to Konohagakure will find the streets empty, and filled with death. The dead litter the streets, charred from the blazes, unable to be identified. It is an absolute nightmare for those of the village, seeing their comrades dead, their bodies charred, all from an infighting that seems to have no known origination. Those with questions may attempt to find them in the Hokage building, but the entire building has been evaporated, a fuuinjutsu set inside to destroy all evidence of the village should it be destroyed or totally evacuated. The library is empty, the hospital only exists in theory at this point, and the clan district is the most horrifying display of death and destruction one could imagine.  

Konoha has been destroyed, most of the remaining 200 shinobi have been left in the care of Kyuzo Tadakuro. The Hokage is missing still, and no new Kage will be appointed for the remains of the villagers. Many shinobi have turned their back on what is left of Konoha and moved to join a new village which has cropped up inside of Hot Water country. These who left have yet to be considered missing ninja, however to much of the remaining villages on the continent, all who settle in Getsugakure are traitors to their village [All players found in Getsu are subject to Perma]. Those who remain with Kyuzo are the official members of Konohagakure, their headbands still intact, rebuilding a new home in and around the Tadakuro farm. Most of these new homes are in the trees surrounding the farm, those trees which have yet to die to the spread of some strange disease originating from ‘ground zero’ Konohagakure. The Daimyo has yet to make an official ruling on the instance of Konoha and what to do now that the village has been destroyed, however he has been increasing his military with both regular individuals and some of the shinobi who once resided in Konoha. [Players, once again, are allowed to join this “faction” but will be tasked with specific missions regarding the Fire Country Royal Military].

[OOC - this topic will be updated with the events of the server as they continue to occur. All of this information will be common knowledge for all shinobi.]

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Re: Current World Events

Post by DM Iruka on Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:35 pm

Peace Between Nations

[Yugakure and Hot Water Country]

The once peaceful Hot Water Country had it's borders destroyed when two high ranking missing shinobi attacked. Yugakure was on high alert, and was soon discovered by these two shinobi. With the defence of the Godai princess, who put up a huge fight and managed to rid of both of these shinobi. It was not without loss, however, as the use of a forbidden five elemental dragon technique not onbly killed herself, but destroyed the whole exterior of the village walls. After these recent events, the Kage of Yugakure and the Hokage got together and came up with peace. Due to this, Yugakure and Konoha are at a agreed peace, and are working as one. The shinobi from Yugakure now fall under the branch of Konoha, and are considered Konoha shinobi, whilst still holding their rank in their own village. All shinobi of Yugakure have been welcomed into Konoha and vice versa. Their standing with other countries, other the kumo, is currently unknown and are in the works of getting peaceful situations written out with them both."
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