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Post by Nightwolf on Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:15 am

[1st Tenkage (Sky / Heavenly Shadow) "Chakra Angel" Etsuko Kag'ame]

Universal: User gets Dark / Light / "Chakra" Elements, Gaining no more.
Universal: May see Chakra Networks and Read CP Levels / Elements.
Universal: Etsuko may give others her chakra. CP Given is equal to half CP Sacrificied (Not Useable in Combat)
Universal: CHA replaces WIS for Dark / Light / "Chakra" Ninjutsu / Hijutsu (Including Stat Bonuses)
Universal: +2 HP / CP Regen, Dark / Light / "Chakra" Jutsu / Basic Attacks pierce 2 HP / CP DR
Universal: Does not Physically bleed, bruise or scar.

Jounin: +3 ATK / DEF Rolls, +20 HP and CP
Jounin: +3 CHA / DEX Rolls, +30 Lore / Spot / Listen
Jounin: +4 DR vs HP DMG, -3 CP used on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu' (Min 1)
Jounin: +20 HP / CP, +30 Hide / Move Silently, +1d8 DMG to Ninjutsu
Jounin: +1d8 DMG on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu", 17-20 Crit Range on Dark / Light / "Chakra Jutsu"

Universal: 5 CP + Jutsu Cost) Must be stated before ATK Roll - When doing Chakra Jutsu, User may choose to do full CP DMG equal to the total HP DMG that would have been rolled from the jutsu. If Jutsu crits, Normal crit rules don't apply. Instead, Etsuko gains the bonuses of her Chakra Matron jutsu for 1d4+1 rounds without the CP cost*.
(* If she successfully crits multiple times in a row the rounds stack, and the bonuses stack according to Chakra Matron's specific details.)
(E.G 21 HP DMG Total Rolled. User does 21 CP DMG to target and no HP DMG)

Universal: Etsuko does not die if she hits 0 HP or beyond. (Up to a maximum of -40). She may use her chakra to heal herself at a cost of 3 CP per -1 HP. (E.G -15 to 0 HP healed = 45 CP Spent).  If she goes below 40 CP while doing this, she will suffer -1 to ATK/DEF Rolls and -1 to HP/CP Regen for 1 IRL Day. If she goes under 20 CP while doing this, she will suffer -2 to ATK/DEF Rolls and -2 to HP/CP Regen 1 IRL Day. If she hit's 0 CP while doing this, she must be given immediate medical attention, and be restored to least 25 CP within 5 turns, or 2 IRL hours (Without the use of Chakra Pills). If she is not, she will be permanently killed.
Special Note: Once she is at 0 HP she remains unconscious, unless she did not go below 20 CP, and still has advantage of her HP regen. CP Reductions do not apply to this, but CP Regen applies as normal. This may not be used -UNLESS- Etsuko reaches negative HP. If used within combat, Etsuko is removed from the Initiative Order, and may no longer ATK or DEF for herself. She may still be attacked as per normal rules, and others may DEF for her freely as well. Once she is removed from the Initiative, she may not re-enter it again.

Chakra: 40 + 10 + 22 + 25 + 50 + 40 + 5 = 192 CP

Hitpoints: 40 + 20 + 22 + 50 + 40  = 172 HP

STR: 30 (10)
DEX: 60 (25)
CON: 54 (22)
INT: 30 (10)
WIS: 30 (10)
CHA: 60 (25)

[Five Elemental Scroll]
Universal: Allows Etsuko to teach Standard Elemental Jutsu to those that have the Elemental Affinity, and gain a +5 to Learning Rolls.*
Universal: Etsuko's allies may choose to "Inscribe" their custom techniques onto the scroll, allowing her to teach those that are capable.^


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