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[Konohagakure] Nara

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[Nara Clan]
(100 Tokens)

The Nara clan are a well known and respected group of individuals that reside within Konohagakure. Their sharp mindset to anything tactical and mysterious use of manipulating the Shadows make them a unique and one of a kind-clan. However, they also possess a flaw and that is their extreme laid back and lazy behavior - which can be easily overcome when they are given a task with which they believe is worthy of persueing. The Nara hold a close bond with the Yamanaka and Akimichi clans, occassionally placing their shinobi together in squads forming a powerful squad utilizing a combination of attacks. Nara clansmen are viewed as natural born leaders and in times like these with War in Konoha's midst, their skillsets are needed.


[Master Strategists]
This is a secret technique of the Nara. From birth they train their minds to become the best leaders to squads. They are able to quickly assess a situation and enemy weaknesses and adapt to it with superior initiative. Allowing themselves and their allies to take advantage of their enemy weaknesses and the best course of action to achieve victory.

Universal: All Nara start with Shadow Element. Clan Jutsu are Learnt / Used with INT
Genin: +1 INT Rolls, -1 Shadow / Element-less Jutsu CP Costs
Chunin: +2 INT Rolls, -2 Shadow / Element-less Jutsu CP Costs
Jounin: +3 INT Rolls, -2 Shadow / Element-less Jutsu CP Costs


[Intellectual Minds]
The Nara are well known for their intelligence, but little to those outside the Nara clan know, just how in depth the intelligence of the Nara are. Most of the Nara study for hours every day to keep on top of the knowledge that flows through the world. This allows them to have insight on most things that happen on the battle field, giving them the upper hand.

Universal: Whilst Strategy is not Active, the Nara gains +1 to DEF Rolls
Genin: Strategy - 3 CP) Nara and Allies gain +1 ATK/DEF Rolls for 1d4+1 Rounds (Free Action, Nara's Turn Only)
Chunin: Strategy - 4 CP) Nara and Allies gain +2 ATK/DEF Rolls for 1d4+1 Rounds (Free Action, Nara's Turn Only)
Jounin: Strategy - 5 CP) Nara and Allies gain +3 ATK/DEF Rolls for 1d4+1 Rounds (Free Action, Nara's Turn Only)



Nara Style Substitution Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The Nara Clan often has a certain few which knows a way to enhance ease on the Substitution Jutsu, however their style is different to there typical village technique. They're body would turn into a shadowy form before melting into the ground.
PvP: Substitution, If it fails gain 1d4 DR.

Kage nankan no jutsu - Shadow barrier technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The user is able to manipulate his own shadow as it extends and rises into a barrier around himself or an ally in defense of an attack.
PvP: Block + 1 (Doesn't Exceed Cap) , If successful Vs Tai / Ken attacks deal 1d4 Damage

Kage Kubi Shibari no jutsu - Shadow neck bind technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: + 3 Cp Maintenance
Description: After performing Kage mane no jutsu, the user is able to extend the shadow holding their victims up their bodies and form into a shadowy hand that will strangle them, causing several damage to their opponents.
PVP Effect: Requires Kage Mane no Jutsu to affect target. Deal Unarmed Rank DMG per round for Duration of Kage Mane no Jutsu. (Does not break Kage Mane no Jutsu's hold or lower Duration.).

Kage mane no jutsu - Shadow imitation technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: Kage Mane no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique developed by the Nara clan. Its original purpose was as a skill to help delay any pursuers. After forming the needed hand seals, the clan member is able to manipulate their shadow along any surface. By using other nearby shadows they can further extend the reach of their shadow, however they are limited to the surface area of the original cast shadow. Once the shadow reaches the target it will extend into its own shadow and completely immobilize it. The target will then succumb to the user’s very movements as if they were reflected on a mirror.
PvP: Stun up to 3 Targets for 1d4 Rounds. (STR Vs ATK DC to break free) While stunned each time target gets hit the Stun does not break but Duration does lower by 1. While maintaining this Jutsu the Nara cannot Attack unless a clan Jutsu permits.

Shadow Trap
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5 +Tool used
Description: The nara stores a tool in a nearby shadow, concealing it until the enemy attacks. Once the enemy strikes, the nara can "activate" the shadow to launch the tool at the enemy as a free action.
PvP: Set Trap vs Spot. Nara may use Intelligence to activate the stored tool on an enemy's turn. Activating the trap does not take the Nara's turn. (Works like a counter limited to using the tool and doesnt take the nara's turn)

Perfect Kage Bunshin
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8 + 2 Cp Maintenance
Description: The Nara clan of Konohagakure are masters of the shadow element and all techniques that involve shadow manipulation. The famed "Kage Bunshin" or "Shadow Clone" is believed to have stemmed from this clan. Though many know Kage Bunshin now, those of the Nara clan seem to be able to conjure a more "real" and potent clone compared to those who do not derive from the clan. Though, the Nara seems to only be able to control one of these perfect clones at a time.
PvP: Same Rules as Kage bunshin (Max. 1 Perfect Kage-Bunshin Active) Can Attack / Defend Via User's INT at additional + 2 to Roll. Perfect Kage Bunshin's take 3 hits to destroy, rather than 1.
Note: A Natural roll of 15-19 counts as 2 hits and a Natural Crit dispurses the clone. (Natural Cirt means no lowered crit range.)

Shadow Pitfall
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
CP: 10
Description: The nara hand seals and expands an enemy's shadow, the shadow growing into a circular shape, acting like a pitfall as the enemy and all those around the enemy fall into the pitch black abyss. Once this is complete, the nara changes up the hand seals and turns the abyss into a death trap, forming spikes all inside the shadow pit.
PvP: Unblockable. Target enemy and those within AoE range fall into the pit and are held for 1d4+1 rounds. Each round, the nara deals 3 dmg to those in the pit. Dmg ignores DR.

Kage Nui no jutsu - Shadow sewing technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: The user makes quick handseals as his/her shadow travels rapidly towards his targets and erupt from the ground in form of tendrils to impale into them dangerously.
PvP: Unblockable, Attack up to 4 Targets dealing 3d8 DMG.

Kage Yose no jutsu - Shadow gathering technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: This technique functions similarly to the Kage Nui. The user is able to extend his shadows towards a previously setup object or trap, gathering it and then fastly summoning it towards their target. It can gather about any ninja tool, even weapons to be attached to shadows and summoned towards the target.
PvP: User can reuse up to 3 Ninja Tools via Intelligence. (Ninja Tools can be used from either User / Allies / Enemies) Can be Set as Trap.

Kage uebu no jutsu - Shadow Web Technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank : A
Cp: 13
Description : The Nara handseals as they normally would for Kagemane jutsu, though would channel more chakra outwards, manipulating his/her chakra to send the shadow in several directions, with a much more powerful effect.
PvP : Same effect as Kage-Mane no Jutsu, except Attack up to 6 targets and duration is 1d4+2 Rounds. (Counts as Kage-Mane no Jutsu as well)

Kage Kyousha no jutsu - Shadow Lance technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank : A
Cp: 15
Description : The Nara handseals a few times, a pike of shadows would raise from the target's own shadow and impale them. The size of the spike is around three inches wide, and can reach up to 10 ft, should their shadow be projected elsewhere.
PvP: Unblockable, Deal 5d6+1d4 Damage Bypassing 3 DR.

Silhouette Recreation
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13
Description: The Nara copies their very own silhouette and applies it onto an enemy, changing their image into that of the nara. Highly confusing the enemies allies as to which Nara is their teammate and which Nara is their enemy.
PvP: Int vs Int/Wis. For 1d4+2 rounds, enemy must roll a 1d4 when attacking. On a 1-2 they hit the real Nara. On a 3-4 they hit their teammate who looks like the Nara.

Kage Shibai no Jutsu - Shadow Play Technique
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank : S
Cp: 20 + 2 Cp Maintenance per Jester Summon
Description : The Nara handseals a few times, All light in the surrounding area luminates to give off perfect silhouettes of every person around. The silhouettes would soon wiggle free from their 2D forms and rise up, thanks to the Nara's jutsu, into the proper 3 dimensions. These silhouettes would soon draw forth pure shadowy weapons, inevitably becoming Shadow Jesters, ready to destroy those who threaten the Nara that brought them to life.
PvP: Summon 1 "Jester" per person in the area, except User (Max. 3). "Jester's" take User's turn, ATK / DEF via INT and gain the following benefits: Duration 1d6+1 Rounds or until User dispels as a free action.
1) 30 HP
2) Deals Small Weapon DMG
3) Up to 2 Jesters; may use their turn to add + 1 ATK / DEF to the remaining Jester.


[Above 200 IQ]
(50 Tokens - Enhanced Clan)
A few rare of the Nara are born with such an intense Mindset and skill that as time passes, they are able to bend and melt their chakra to far greater levels and do so with far less effort and time. These Nara are considered prodigies, and exerts at Teamwork and coordination, as well as an infinite skill set and strategic ability, to top it off able to sue this to use their Clans Jutsu to even more devastating effects.

Universal: -2 to Strategy CP Cost, Ninja tools do +1d4 DMG and +1 to Duration Effects
Genin: +10 to Lore / Set Trap, +1d4 to Clan Jutsu Damage
Chunin: +20 to Lore / Set Trap, +1d6 to Clan Jutsu Damage
Jounin: +30 to Lore / Set Trap, +1d8 to Clan Jutsu Damage
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