The Raikage of Kumogakure

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The Raikage of Kumogakure Empty The Raikage of Kumogakure

Post by N:RE DM Team on Thu May 12, 2016 7:11 pm

7TH RAIKAGE " Lightning Rod " Kozuko Yotsuki(M)

The Raikage of Kumogakure 7ee54910

ABILITY) Perfect Lightning
UNIVERSAL: 150 HP 100 CP, Lightning, Water and Light Elements (Know's all jutsu in Elements including Tai and Ken)
+6 to ATK / DEF Rolls
-4 CP Used on Lightning, Water and Light Jutsu
5 HP Regen
+2d8 to Lightning Techniques
+50 to Spot / Listen

ABILITY) Lighting Rod
UNIVERSAL: DEX replaces WIS for Lightning Jutsu
3 CP) Taijutsu and Kenjutsu are counted as Lightning Jutsu, as Kozuko powers his sword with lightning.

WEAPON) Lightning Edge - Medium
UNIVERSAL: +2 to ATK Rolls, +1d8 to Kenjutsu Attacks, 19-20 Crit range on Kenjutsu. All kenjutsu damage bypasses DR
UNIVERSAL: +2 to DEF Rolls, May defend for anyone on the field as a free action. If successful does 1/2 rank Taijutsu Damage

DM IC Notes:
Personality: Playful / Friendly / Happy - Serious If Needed
PC Interations: Takeo Kichida - Pupil (ANBU Squad)
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