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Thank you DM Kiba! Empty Thank you DM Kiba!

Post by Sakura on Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:16 am

Thanks for putting in all the effort of DMing for the server. The effort is appreciated, as not everyone is able or willing to expend the necessary energy or time to devote attention to the playerbase.

The rest of this post is ranty.

I'm not going to pretend or exemplify your time as a DM. Frankly, whenever you were GMing up top I was 50/50 on joining your events because they always turned out the same. They were frequently grueling dungeon crawls with quirky rules that were never posted prior to the experience. They were just dropped in at random intervals to suit your whims. Which, hey, sometimes can work out really well and be an enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately for me, they have never seemed to enhance the experience for me, they always just seemed to minimize my character's role in your stories. Honestly, that isn't a fun experience for me. When I'm not having fun, I grow bored, so I start chatting on Skype or Discord to help keep me from just dropping out of an event, because each and every time I wanted to give you a shot. Multiple times it bit me in the butt, however, and instead of getting what I presume was a standard award, I got what seemed to be a paltry sum for whatever slights, real or imagined, that I may have caused you.

I don't know if that is true, for all I know you always gave small token rewards. But, going on the assumption that this is NOT the case and you were intentionally short changing me for some reason, I can't say I'm at all happy with your time as a DM because frankly it's left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I found myself asking myself several times "Is this going to worth my time? Am I going to get short changed for the sheer massive amount of time?"

Tonight's event is a huge look in on that possibility. Your event started around 9 PM EST. I requested to leave at roughly 1 AM EST. That's nearly 5 hours of time.  Now, the economy may differ on this server, but based on other servers and their allocations, generally a player is awarded 2 tokens per hour of an event. So, anywhere from 9 to 10 tokens would have been awarded, based on those figures. You awarded me 3. Assuming I didn't slight you in some real or imagined fashion, I'm stumped. Do you intentionally slight everyone else in an event if they don't go the whole marathon? I'm sorry but I can't stay invested in my computer for that length of time on a daily basis.

To be fair, I will admit I'm not the most active r supportive player in existence. I join in and try to have some fun or do something until I get shut down, and then I just mope along because I'm mentally already done with the event. Just ready for it to be over.  I'm one for rewarding or awarding people I GM for, not just shutting them down and making them have to do marathon events for 5 tokens. That's not the experience I'm looking for.

Your GMing style frequently involves shutting down players at every point in the adventure because of whatever things you dislike about their power set. You select adventures that specifically neutralize their character's abilities, rather than allowing the player to feel good about their choices in power selection you essentially take them away.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone overly much, but with Kiba stepping down, I wanted to give them my critique and my complaints.

I know it doesn't matter what else I type in this post, because the above paragraphs will be taken and set ablaze with anger, and that's fine. I'm not trying to upset people or enrage them, I just wanted to express me distaste for your GM Style, because at times it had me raging in my seat.

TL;DR, Thanks Kiba for the time you've invested into GMing for the community. I am NOT a fan of your personal GMing style, but I am happy to see that you tried to enrich our community and for that I am very grateful.


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