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Tida Taurusa  Saia_511
Name: Tida Taurusa
Gender: Female.
Age: 19
Birthday:11, may,
Sexuality: Straight, unless persuaded
Village: Kumo
Element: Fire
Rank: Genin
Special Characteristics: Tida has a Thin red Scar Horizontally under her left eye, where she unfortunately Caught the tip of her bothers blade in a sparing accident, this mark is a Faint Red line 1/8th and inch wide and 1 inch long  on her cheek.
Employment ~ Waitress at Stix Sushi House

Personality: Tida is an extremely loyal person who she tends to make lifelong friends in only a few hours. She is likely to warm up to people in a few moments and has a strong sense of right and wrong. Tida is often seen In the battle field as a Frontline Fighter, but had issues of refusing orders, luckily they have not been too Severe but it has limited some of the things she is asked to go on., based on her moral compass, to this day she has never taken a life, only beat in to Submission and opponent. Tida Morals are rooted in her grandfather’s teaching. Having felt closer to her grandfather then she did her real father she took his words to heart.  Tida is a student at heart always making time to learn and be helpful on a daily basis, ensuring she gets stronger as a Kunoichi, and her community gets stronger as a whole. When Tida was Younger her father harshly taught her Discipline and manners, she was to be a Lady in society and a Warrior on the battle field.  Being very respectful at almost all time. And knows when she has to be civil.
Tida has a Lifelong bond with her brother Valason, she spent most of her life training alongside him, and she cares for him as any sister would. In her earlier years, Valason looked out for her and even stood up for her. But as they grew up Tida looked more towards Valason as a worthy comrade,
Tida is said to be extremely stubborn. And logical, not letting her emotions take of her mind or cloud her judgement especially on the battle field.

Loyalty- Tida Admires Loyally above almost all else, as she was taught from an Early age that without loyalty your word means nothing, any two faced liar can Say words, but Loyalty was what made Tida’s Words True. And amongst her friends and Rivals her word is always true.

Turtles- Tida’s sprit Animal was considered to be a turtle, mostly because of her ways. She is rather slow to make decisions (unless it is in a dire Circumstance) and Values a good defence over a powerful offense on the battle field.  Tida will always move a turtle off the road and too the other side if she feels it will be in danger before it finishes crossing.

Heavy Rain- in Tida’s time training she had seen her fair share of torrential downpours and was never allowed back insid untill she was done her lesson..  She doesn’t like it mostly because of how clouded peoples senses become in the rain. She also doesn’t like the fact that is makes all of her equipment heavier.

Stealth based tactics. – Tida views Stealth to be cowardly, mostly because of the principles she was taught. How people over come things be confronting them and by being all cloak and dagger, Tida feels that they are spineless and have little to no sense of honor

Family- Tida has a very strong bond with her brother Valason, but cherishes all of her family and would fight for anyone one of them at any time. Even if she was in a guild and ordered to do something she would take the punishment of not doing it and Refuse to put her family in harm’s way.

Moral Standing- Tida Strives to be a Strong independent warrior, who is driven by good deeds and help take on jobs that will only help people that she likes .  Tida Spends her time helping people and Striving to be stronger to better aid the people she helps


She won’t be Strong enough~  Tida has a fear that one day her family will be put into the line of fire because of what her and her brother does for a living,( likely someone that holds a Grudge) and worries that she wont be strong enough  to prevent the assailant


Height: just shy of  5’11
Weight: 110,  
Hair: long Red hair, most often pined up.
Eyes: Green
Others: Tida wears a Necklace with a small Jade Turtle Carved into the pendent. Most often it is not visible due Forehead Protector that she wears on her neck
General Appearance:
Tida is a Young Pale skinned Women with striking long red hair that is well kept and cared for ( often pinned up for battle) , she almost always has her battle Garments Tida has green eyes, due to the pigment in her eyes being more Grey than, but upon close examination a small Trace amount of brown would be shown depending on her mood. Tida stands just shy of 5’11 and is rather curvy andt her choice in outfits tends to show her body’s shape proudly. Tida doesn’t often wear bright colours due to her pale skin, making her very picky when it comes to common clothing.

History:  Tida Was very sickly growing up, not going outside very often until she was strong enough to Combatant Sickly condition.  When  she got better it happened So quickly, it was almost considered a miracle  within the family.  From that day on Tida was Taught to fend for herself, spending her  Child hood in 3 places, she was either in School, or  home in Training and on Rare occasuions she was allowed to go to the library. Tida’s father was hard on her because , he said “ a Miracle happens once in a life time, and you cant count on a second one, from here on out you have to Be your own Miracle”  Tida believed his words to be true and Kept to her Studies, training and Chores, she never really complained that she couldn’t play with all the other children because it never bothered her, she was allow to Hangout with her brother, and he was considered to be her closest friend through out her childhood.

After a Few years, in Tida’s teenage years Her brother and her were Close. But were Taught to Rival each other in a healthy way,  having trained together,  Valason having a year older then her gave him a full year of Experience that she just didn’t have.  But that never discouraged Tida, She was always the type of person to Rise to the occasion and beat down the challenge, after all she was know for being Bull headed.

It wasn’t until Valason and Tida were given Actual Swords did Tida start to level out, and start winning some spars with Valason, but even to this day Tida couldn’t be sure if she had actually won or if he let her, partly because  Tida didn’t feel like she won.   Their rules were Simple the first of to have blood drawn or to lose their footing lost. And Tida more often than not was the Defeated, not that it bothered her much.

Tida started at her Grandfathers Trade at the Age of 14 helping out at the Forge, helping Draw out Designs for weapons and Clearing the smiting Stations, Simple things that would occupy her time and get her use to the environment.  By the age of 17 she was running the forge for her grandfather, having a special knack for Forging.  Over that year she worked on her own Armour and tools

But one day she picked up a Knife from the Kitchen and it melted in her hand, immediately her mother was outraged, but her father hushed her mother up and Dragged Tida to her grandfather’s house.  After a bit of time Tida figured out the potential.

The next year was difficult between the Academy, Blacksmith Training, Sword play and Manning the Smiting outpost Tida still managed to find the time to Spar with her older brother

During that year Valason and her seemed to Spar harder as if they were actually fighting, the Clash of Blades and Steel Rung loud out over the training Grounds, only this day Valason Seemed distracted, but Foolishly Tida pressed him for a match, this was the day her brother nearly took her life, as she Lunged forward Carelessly and sloppy she moved directly into his blade, the tip piercing her cheek, touching to her cheek bone,  Blood poured from the wound as she hit the ground. That day seemed to Stay Etched deep in Valason’s mind. And Tida couldn’t say anything about it, for fear of bringing it back up despite it clearly being on his mind.  Then one day he left abandoning his Trainign As a Shinobi and verntured off upposed to the village.  To this day Tida hsnt heard anything about her brother but there is still hope that he lives his days out in the daydreams Tida often has.
Tida wasn’t quite the same after that, blaming herself for his departing

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Tida Taurusa  Empty Re: Tida Taurusa

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Tida Taurusa  Saia_810
Academy Jutsu
Wall/Tree Walking
Water Walking
Rope Escape Technique
Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Clone Technique
Henge Technique
Substitution Technique

E Ranks
Katon: Blazing Red Cannon
Katon: Quiet Flame Jutsu

Chakra Lace
Chakra Dageki (Chakra Strike)
Electrical Waves

D Ranks
Double Strike ~ Officer Aoioki ~OCT 29th 2016~
Lazy Man’s hand~ Shun~ NOV 1st 2016~
Chakra Concentration ~NOV 13th 2016~

C Rank
Open Handed Weapon Grab - Aoioki ~Nov 11 2016~
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