A nice day in Yugakure (Ask to join)

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A nice day in Yugakure (Ask to join)

Post by Aurianos on Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:35 am

So it had been decided that Hotaru was going to open a bakery in Yugakure, while she was scared of the idea at first she remembered one crucial detail, and that was Kisame's support. She blushed a bit as she wandered down the streets of Yuga, they were rather crowded as people from Konoha had flocked here after it's destruction, but the majority of people from Konoha that were here seemed to be ones that had family here anyway. But Hota was here to look for a building to start her business, if she couldn't find one she'd simply build one in Hot Water country, but it'd need to be a nice location, perhaps she'd get into gardening and give the area around the bakery a nice atmosphere that made it feel like a home away from home. The thought of maybe turning it into a bit of a cafe had crossed Hota's mind as well, the smell of coffee always goes well with the smell of nice cakes and pastries. Nothing could beat a nice coffee with a moist chocolate layer cake with a dark chocolate ganache covering the cake and separating the layers. As the thought of coffee popped into her head Hotaru actually remembered a small cafe in Yuga that had become pretty popular. Trying to remember where it was she ended up walking right past it several times before stopping and following the scent. She stared at it a few moments then walked in, the waitress on duty smiled to her and Hota smiled back taking a seat.

As the day passed and Hota couldn't help but indulge in a nice coffee and some carrot cake she began thinking that maybe a whole new building in Hot Water might be the better option, the shop would be welcoming and the place that everyone goes for their fresh bread adn sweets! Also nice refreshing drinks, she can do that, totally. As Hota finished her coffee she suddenly had an idea...and it seemed ludicrous! It was perfect! She'd talk to the manager and get advice on starting a business, or perhaps even the rather strange idea of merging her bakery with the owners cafe business...which would mean another shop would pop up here but in the end no one lost their jobs because Hota managed to merge two businesses together! But this was wishful thinking...very wishful thinking.

After asking for them, the manager came out from the back of the shop. "Hmmm? Is there a problem with your service madam?"

The middle aged man stood tall and was rather thin, but a welcoming and calm smile was on his face. Hotaru bowed in greeting and shoot her head "Not at all, it was wonderful, but I'd like to talk to you a moment if you have the time?". THe man was suddenly intrigued and walked to the table Hota was sitting out prompting Hota to follow him. "I'm planning on opening a Bakery in Hot Water country, not in Yugakure however, but...I was planning on making it a cafe as well, I was thinking maybe when I have the building built our businesses could...merge?" Hota suddenly grew nervous, she didn't know if this man would even consider it but his smile calmed her down a bit so perhaps there was hope?

The manager would simply seem to think for several minutes before nodding "Hai, I look forward to working with you then, let me know when the building is finished and I will work on having my staff be there to make the best coffee in Country!".  The mans rather sudden decision caught her off guard causing her to nearly fall from her chair but she managed to keep her balance long enough to not end up on the floor. The man chuckled and spoke again "Let me explain...my family has owned this shop for generations, it was a small grocery store when Yuga was first established, since then it's been what the owner wished it to be, my great great great grandfather made it an armory, my great great grand mother made many fine clothes...and when my great grand father took over he turned it into a cafe, it's been like that ever since" a waitress arrived with a cup of coffee after some more history was laid down about the cafe. "So while it is part of the family, it's simply too small, you intend to build a whole new building that I hope will have a good amount of space for both of our businesses, but first tell me...what sort of goods will you be producing? I sure do hope you're a talented baker despite only having one arm miss, but I hope you will have some help around the store...where are my manners, I'm Sayuri, Yuusuke and you?"

Hota was finally able to speak now that the man had finally take a moment to address his name so she did the same "Kanetsugu, Hota, pleasure to meet you Yuusuke-san, I intend to produce fresh breads, cakes, pastries, all sorts of things really, and yes I will have help with the business and I hope that we can work together" she bowed her head a bit and Yuusuke simply smiled. The man would stand and take his coffee with him, Hota would quickly finish hers and follow.

"Keep in touch Hota-san, I see a lot of promise in you, a passion that I've only really seen in young people as of late...Konoha's destruction has brought peoples spirits down, I hope you and I can work to lift them a bit" with another kind smile Yuusuke was off to the back of the shop and Hota left to seek out something to do before heading home.


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