The Report to the Raikage

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The Report to the Raikage

Post by Aurianos on Sun Oct 16, 2016 5:15 am

It was a long way to go suddenly, having only rested for almost a day since losing his arm and now having to run a message to the Raikage in Kumogakure. As he forced himself forward no matter the obstacle, the weather or the lack of food and water, he eventually arrived after about three days, it was evening now, his body covered in scratches and bruises. His resilience was impressive but as he made the hike to Kumo, he slowly started to feel it all catch up with him. Nothing on him, no weapons, no shirt, just pants and shoes. As he hiked up the hill silently, he looked back the house Tomoko lived in, he wanted to take that small detour but every second wasted was another second that man would strike again and take over another village. He mustered his strength and started running up the hill, scroll in hand and as he rushed into the village he burst through the door to the Raikage building and panted stepping forward and slamming the scroll onto the counter. He stared at the ground a moment and looked up to speak "A message to the Raikage from Kichida, Aoioki...". Despite being soul less the day of the attack his mind had since began to comprehend how to act human again and as the message was taken, his body suddenly seemed to shout at him that he had pushed it too far and suddenly collapsed after a few steps back and he finally started to abide by his bodies cry for a rest, he home in Kumo so where better to slip into a coma for a while.


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