Server Module Update

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Server Module Update

Post by N:RE DM Team on Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:16 pm

Login script edited to allow for faster entrance, and item reader.
OOC Area edited to remove un-necessary lines

Konoha: Outskirts - Edited to allow for Tadakuro Farm
Tadakuro Farm - Imported and edited to the module
Hot Water Country South - Edited and added new Training Area
Kag'ame Household - Name change (Home), Removed un-needed placeables
Hotfix 1: Transitions into Iwa, Konoha, and Suna have been disabled.
Hotfix 1: Konohagakure Outskirts got a remebrance stone.

General Cleaning
Removed un-usuable items

Not Touched

Not Touched
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