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Academy Life:
No one was the bigger school yard bully than Suta. Well when people insist you're not the gender that your records say. It would cross you too. And to have the other kids fear your physical strength didn't help the poor girl's case either.


Suta 'The Dragon-warrior' Abs210

[Impacting Strikes]
Universal: All Taijutsu ATK's are Melee AoE (Stun / Negatives only apply to the first target*)
Universa:l Shindou may choose a path. They gain bonuses according to the path that they pick.

[Strength Path]
Genin: +1 STR Rolls (2 Melee AoE Targets), +1 DR vs HP DMG
Chunin: +2 STR Rolls (3 Melee AoE Targets), +2 DR vs HP DMG
Jounin: +3 STR Rolls (4 Melee AoE Targets), +3 DR vs HP DMG

(*Example - User uses Leaf Rising Wind (an taijutsu with a Stun) opponent one gets hit by the kick and is sent up stunning just the Primary target and dealing Rank damage + 1d4/2, the target two is blasted sideways and is sent for a fall and is hit for only Rank damage (if they fail Evade/ block rolls)

[Taijutsu Training]
[Strength Path]
Universal: +10 HP, User takes 1/2 HP DMG from Taijutsu Attacks
Universal: Taijutsu Rank DMG is equal to Small Weapon Rank DMG (Single Wield)
Genin: -1 Taijutsu CP Costs
Chunin: -2 Taijutsu CP Costs
Jounin: -3 Taijutsu CP Costs

[Chakra Strength]
Universal: +2 CP Regen
Genin: +10 Total CP
Chunin: +15 Total CP
Jounin: +20 Total CP

[Advanced Impacting Strikes]
Universal: 3 CP to Activate and +1 CP to Maintain) +1d8 Burst DMG
Universal: +1 target to melee AoE when active
Genin: Taijutsu = Medium Weapon Damage; No Penalties
Chunin: Taijutsu = Dual Wield Small Weapon Damage; No Penalties
Jounin: Taijutsu = Dual Wield Medium Weapon Damage; No Penalties

[Clan Technique]
Jutsu Type: Taijtusu / Supplementary
Rank: Rankless
Chakra 2
PvP Effect: Free Action) User gains Bonus DMG to their next Taijutsu Attack.
Academy Student: +1 damage
Genin: +1d4 damage
Chunin: +1d6 damage
Jounin: +1d8 damage
Teaching/Learning: Gained upon creation

Catch Tool
Type: Tai
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 2 CP + Additional (See Below)
RP: Going beyond simple eye and hand coordination. The user, splitting their chakra between the eyes and arms. Enhancing the natural abilities to catch a thrown object that most would find easier to just not be in the path of the item.
DF: +1 DEF vs Tools. If catching tools, user pays +1 CP per additional tool over the first. If catching tools via jutsu, user pays CP per rank. (See below)
D Rank - +1 CP
C Rank - +3 CP
B Rank - +5 CP
A Rank - +7 CP
Note: Tools gained via jutsu are added to user's inventory until end of battle or used.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - D Rank

Type: Tai
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 4
RP: Standing behind and wraping their hands around the opponent's waist. Channeling chakra throughout their body. The user lifts the target's body over them. Slamming their head onto the ground, dazing them.
DF: Tai rank + 1d6 DMG. -1 to enemy Defense for 1 round.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - C Rank

Titanic step
Type: Enhancement
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 7+1 per round OR 20
RP: Using their chakra, the user applies enough to propel them across great distances quickly with just one step.
DF: Free Action) Grants +2 to Attack/Defense Rolls While Active.
Special Note: Requires a 15 Str Mod to learn.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - B Rank

Type: Tai
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 11
RP: Fists, powered by large amounts of chakra. The user, unleashing a flurry of stunning blows across their opponent's body. The target is left numbed in shock.
DF: Unblockable) Tai rank + 4d4 + 2 DMG.
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - A Rank

Final Destination
Type: Tai
Rank: S
Chakra Cost: 25
RP: Powering their fist with all of chakra that remained in the body. The user, launches a punch into the opponent's body. Sending a shockwave of destruction that shatters bones and damages organ tissue. Putting the person on a one way trip to the after life.
DF: Tai rank + 2d8 + 2d6 DMG. Target suffers 3 rounds 1d4 + 2 of bleeding that ignores DR
Teaching/Learning: Gate System - S Rank

Suta Hiryu
Voice Actors
Ayano Yamamoto
Jessica Nigri
Birth Date
11th day of the 4th Month
63 inches
89 lb
Blood Type
Kekkei Genkai
Yotsuki clan
Ninja Rank
Ninja Registration
Academy Grad. Age
Chunin Promotion Age

Father: Basara Hiryu (Alive)
Mother: Hitomi 'Shindou' Hiryu (Alive)
Siblings: None
Nature Type



Tool Own/Max

  • Explosive Tags: 1/2
       DF: An Explosive Tag can explode if activated by chakra. You can use the explosive tag with DEX (Sticking it to the Oppnent) or WIS / INT (Drop it as a Trap, use with Jutsu) Every tag does 2d10 damage, Unblockable.
  • Kunai: 3/10
       DF: Kunai knives take a DEX / STR roll to connect, and do Damage depending on your characters experience with them. You may throw multiple kunai to a maximum of 5. If you throw Multiple then it becomes that many attack rolls, but each Kunai thrown past 1 makes a -1. So if you attack with 3, and roll a 25 attack, the first Kunai attack is 25, second is 24, and third is 23. The opponent then Defends with one roll vs all Three kunai. Throwing with STR adds STR bonus, but you may not throw multiple Kunai. Note: The final Damage on multiple kunai is Qualified as One Hit vs DR. So if your Opponent has 6 DR, it isnt 6 DR vs Each Kunai that hits, its all three Kunai Dmg added together vs the 6 DR.
  • Shuriken: 3/10
       DF: Same rules that apply to Kunai apply to Shuriken.
  • Smoke Bombs: 0/2
       DF: Smoke bombs can be used for two things. It can let your shinobi hide, or it can cover the enemy so they cant see. Smoke bombs used to hide a shinobis presence gives the shinobi a +5 to hide and enables him to Hide. (Even if he already has hidden himself once before) Smoke bombs thrown at opponents uses DEX to hit and if connected gives the opponent -1 to rolls for 1d4 rounds.
  • Military Ration Pills: 0/2
       DF: Military Ration pills restore chakra. Eating a pill takes 1 round. Afterward, each round you recover recover 2d4 CP for 1d4+2 rounds. Note: Miltary ration pills are capped at two.
  • Windmill Shuriken: 0/2
       DF: The windmill shuriken takes a DEX roll to connect. It does Normal Rank Damage + 1d10. It can be dodged and blocked normally.
  • Poison Smoke Bomb: 0/2
       DF: This is a simple poison smoke bomb. You throw it at your opponent using DEX. They can dodge or block normally. If it hits it does not damage that round. However, after that, on your turn, it does 1d4+1 Damage a round bypassing DR for 2 rounds.
  • Caltrops: 0/2
       DF: Scattering caltrops takes 1 turn. It’s a DEX / WIS / INT roll v.s your opponents defensive roll. If you succeed, they take -1 to their Str/Dex Rolls, and 1d4+1 Damage for 1d6 rounds. (See Set Trap skill below)
  • Senbon: 0/10
       DF: Senbon are acupuncture needles. Throwing them takes a dex roll. If they connect, they cause 1d4+1 damage bypassing DR, if the Natural Attack roll is 15-20, then The target is physically stunned for one round or until hit.
  • Ninja Wire: 1/2
       DF: Ninja wire are used by using DEX / WIS / INT roll vs opponents roll. If hit the target is Physically stunned for one round or until Hit.

    Tool Combos
  • Kunai + Explosive Tag
       DF: By using a kunai and a explosive tag, binding them together. A shinobi can throw it at a opponent, making it stab into their body and then explode. Does Kunai Rank Damage + 1d10 (uses up 1 kuna and 1 explosive tag), +3 Vs Block.
  • Kunai + Ninja Wire
       DF: By attaching ninja wire to a Kunai or a Shuriken the shinobi can roll a DEX roll -2 to capture and damage the opponent. Does Shuriken / Kunai Rank Damge and Physically stuns for one round or until Hit. (Uses up 1 wire and 1 Kunai or Shuriken)

Training Weights
RP: Special fibers and appearing as normal clothing. Invisible ink is used in the placing of the binding seals that drain energy from the wearer to increase the weight of the cloth.
DF: Loses rank CP during use. +5 Tai learning.

Tattoo: Heaven's Destroyer
RP: Dragons have been looked upon as the symbol of authority from the heavens. Many depictions are seen as statures, paintings and even tattoos. One such dragon, the Tun Li Lung or Tsunami dragon. Is the master of the raging storm who's power is almost without equal. Combining his knowledge of Fuinjutsu and his days of pirating in the open seas. Basara felt to help his only child gain such power through a special seal. Placed around her right forearm, in the appearance of the great Tun Li Lung. The seal opens locked limiters that the human mind naturally puts in place to safeguard the body from harm of over exertion.
DF: +3 to [Tai] ATK Rolls. +1d8 [Tai] Branch Damage

Tattoo: Heightened Senses
RP: Very few things in all of creations can slip past a dragons senses. Though sadly none lived to tell any stories. A small tattoo marking of a mighty T'ien Lung dragon placed behind the right ear. The special energies within the seal overwhelm the owner of the marking with new sensations of clarity of sight and sound. Enabling things that normally would have been missed to become blatantly obvious.
DF: +3 to [Tai] DEF Rolls. +25 to Listen / Spot Skill

Tattoo: Scales of the Lung Wang
RP: No creature in all of the celestial heavens. Who's skin is stronger than the hardest metals made by man than the dragons. One such dragon, the Lung Wang is the supreme guardian of the sea. Green scales with silver flecks decorate this mighty being. These scales are painstakingly etched onto throughout most of Suta's back and folds a little towards her chest. Like a multilayer armor shirt. These scales, in honor of the great dragons they represent. Protect Suta from the threats that plague the world.
DF: 5 Point of DR vs HP DMG

Dragon Claw
RP: A pair of scaled gauntlets. Colored in shades of green and grey. Constructed with materials very rare to most craft-smiths. Razor sharp claws tip the ends of the fingers which can cleave though most protection with ease.
DF: 2 DR Peirce. Expanding Branch [Tai] Crit Range 19-20
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