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Post by PawZ ~Ex Dm Kiba~ on Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:10 pm

General Information

Saia Arashi Saia_n10
Saia Kinomi Arashi
Pronounced ( Say-Yah, Key-No-Me,   Ah-Rash-E

Alias ~ Storm Stinger ~(Well…. one Day hopefully)

Age 22

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 10th

Occupation: Kunoichi  

Rank; Genin

Team. N/A

Element: Wind, Water, Lightning, Storm

Village: Konohagakure Getsukagure

Physical Description

Height 5’6

Weight: Light

Appearance~ Long soft pastel green coloured hair reach’s all the way to her tailbone if not tied up,  and her emerald green eyes focus Carefully on what ever she seems to be doing. A Sense of wonder seems to always fill her eyes. And a faint smile almost always rests on her pale lips.~

Hair : Light Pastel Green

Hair length: Down to tail bone

Complexation: Pale

Relationship: Etsuko

Saia Loves being around people, but not too many,  Crowds were never her Thing but she had no issues passing through them, they just simply are something she isn’t overly fond of,  she is a Very Loyal Person, and Believes that the Village needs her service, and does her best to get her act together in order to be the person the Village would want her to be. Even with all her troubles she is a pleasure to be around and loves talking to people,  she is kind and caring. Being the kind of person to Study things she can be quite Intelligent .  Saia is the kind of girl who is true of heart and Intention, but somehow always gets in her own way, though clumsy actions and Forgetfulness, she is  Mixed up and Hopeless by herself, but works Extremely Well with others to achieve goals. Being Strong, Brave and putting her friends and Team mates first.  When Saia isn’t on duty she likes to Dress up and go out for walks, dinner, and local Events.   She is very easily charmed by a Nice smile and Some kind words, though don’t take her for a fool because she will eventually figure it out

Friendly people – Coming form the Fire Temple everyone talked about Prayer and Balance, it wasn’t often that she got some Real conversations that wasn’t aimed at Saving her Soul or gaining Favor from the elders. As a result of this she always enjoys talking to people who come off as friendly

Lending a hand - Saia Loves helping others, there very little in this world that makes you feel half as good as helping out another person.

Cooking! -  Saia didn’t have to cook her own meals  until she left  the temple,  but it quickly became a apparent that she needed to learn.  It turns out that she was already a natural, being a Pretty good cook she quickly found that it was skill she wanted to Master.


Being alone- Saia Has always been Around people, and as a result she feels most comfortable around at least one other person.  This ties into her dislike for training alone.

Being Cold- There’s nothing like the feeling of catching a chill and not being able to get warm, its an Awful Feeling and Saia has found that the Cold Nights at the temple to be the most uncomfortable. As a  it reminds her of going home something she doesn’t exactly want.

Being Challenged- Whether its begin challenged to a fight or from being challenged in a social Situation. She doesn’t Like being told her opinion doesn’t matter or is Wrong even if she is

Being born into the Life of Servants and Monks Saia Grew up within the temple walls and the Immediate surrounding Area,  being being not allowed to Leave for to long or far  at the risk of neglecting her duties to the temple.  She was not quite a Monk and not quite a Civilian. As her parents were Tailors and made clothing for the people who showed up there. Saia Grew up Learning how to be a Seamstress and talking to all the travellers.  The odd time she would meet a Ninja they seemed to have great tales to tell.  It wasn’t until a Ninja monk Came back to the temple and Saia of course bothered him to tell his stories.
A few years went by and they were friend, and he had started teaching her very simple forms of chakra control. It made Saia happy that she was getting to do something other then Pray and Serve.  She was told that she had an natural connection to the wind. And of course her eyes lit up with joy as she tried to explore her new found gifts.
It seemed to work for her parents but not for her, and when she became of age she was granted a week to go out and Explore the world.
In Saia’s Travels away from the fire temple, Saia went out in search of herself. What she found was a community and the village hidden in the leaves, the same village her ninja monk friend mentioned, though she had heard many stories of the great village She had never personally seen it.  it was wondrous and Strange. Immediately thoughts of Leaving the temple to join in with this society crossed her mind.  
After returning temple life was just not the same, her wondrous thoughts of the village flooded her mind at almost all times of the day and she longed to be with the people.  So she Abandoned her monk like ways and went off to Village hidden in the leaves to better understand herself and to join their community.
Life was tougher then she had thought and over the few weeks she was there she noticed the Shinobi and how they looked and how they were Treated. And instantly she knew that her fate was with them

~Good Traits~

*Strong Morality

~Negative Traits~

*Sometimes clumsy

200 Tokens

History and Information
Years ago, there was a man known as Touma Arashi. He was born with an ability that no one had seen before. A gene hidden in his body that amplified and change his chakra in ways that people thought were impossible. He was able to control the weather around him, bending it to his liking and utilizing it as a powerful source for his jutsu. He was known throughout Kumo as the Storm Tamer, and soon grew to fame throughout the world. Later in his life, he married and had children of his own, whom also possessed this trait. Much like the Hyuuga, they were considered royalty, but did not think they were above others. The would act and behave as normal citizens, complimenting, training and even helping those less fortunate than themselves.

Although they had a great power, it was the understanding of the children that their responsibility when it came to controlling the storm, was only for the good of the village and to protect those around them. They were never to use the their powers to change the way nature intended the day to be, just so it could be sunny when they wanted it to or rain when they wanted a little moisture. Although this was the case, they were taught to harness their chakra and use the storm to their advantage, following in their fathers footsteps. The children soon grew up, and Touma passed away.

Without their father to protect them, the other villages started to see their power, and wanted to harness it as their own. Within a few months of his passing, his children were captured and experimented on. Their chakra stolen, blood taken and even parts of their D.N.A extracted to try and create clones. Touma's children were all eventually killed, removing their generation from this world. It was thought that all of the Chakra, Blood and D.N.A taken from the Arashi children was lost, and none of the clones survived. However, in recent years it seems that those who are able to control the storm have been appearing. Their abilities much like that of Touma, and with no one to train them, they must learn to harness the storm by themselves.

(Note: This bloodline needs the Approval of the DM Team to RP and must have a story submitted as to how your character gained the abilities, and survived. It must also be noted that controlling the weather around your character to make it rain, sunny or to storm, just because you can and for fun, is prohibited.)


Ascended Blood
Arashi are said to be ascended, and in respect to that myth, their genetic makeup is what allows access to their particular elemental release. They can manipulate the skies to their command, seeming much like an ascended figure, through this connection with weather they are able to connect to the world of nature, and use that as a chakra extension for their senses through the winds themselves.

Universal: Begin with Water/Wind/Lightning/Storm Elements, Gaining no more.
Genin: +1 to WIS, +10 CP, 1 CP Regen
Chunin: +2 to WIS, +15 CP, 2 CP Regen
Jounin: +3 to WIS, +20 CP, 2 CP Regen


True Blood
The Arashi are well known for being descendants of some of the first shinobi, and have developed their techniques over time. With each step they take, they live and breath history. Their control over chakra, and the amplification that they can portray is rivaled only by a few. Most Arashi can do Ninjutsu as if it was a second nature, and focus their study on other aspects of their shinobi life.

Universal: User picks Taijutsu or Kenjutsu as their secondary Focus, gaining bonuses appropriately.
Genin: +1 DEX (Ken) or STR (Tai), +1d4 DMG on Ninjutsu and Taijutsu or Kenjutsu (Chosen)
Genin: +2 DEX (Ken) or STR (Tai), +1d6 DMG on Ninjutsu and Taijutsu or Kenjutsu (Chosen)
Genin: +3 DEX (Ken) or STR (Tai), +1d8 DMG on Ninjutsu and Taijutsu or Kenjutsu (Chosen)


Climate Control
5 CP to Activate, 1 CP to Maintain
As the Arashi control the weather, they can decide which particular types of weather they use. They can make it rain, snow, hail, or even storm, allowing them countless options for combat and manipulating it to their advantage, while this ability is activate their eyes turn snowy white and mist over, not a Dojutsu so much as them summoning their elemental abilities.
(Free Action On the Arashi's Turn to Activate)

(Usable at Genin)
Rain: Water Source, Water/Storm gained +1d4 DMG
Gust: Wind/Storm jutsu pierce 2 DR. (Bypasses all DR)

(Usable at Chuunin)
Hail: All Opponents. WIS vs DEF) 1d4 Damage each Round (DR Applies, No Bonus DMG Gained)
Storm: Lightning/Storm Jutsu Gain +1 ATK/DEF Roll, and 1 DR Peirce

(Usable at Jounin)
All the Above: All above effects x2. 10 CP to Activate, 3 CP Maintenance - Jounin +


+5 to Learning Water / Wind / Lighting / Storm Jutsu
Arashi are able to create 2x E/D/C/B Rank Jutsu, and 1x A/S Rank jutsu. The E and D rank jutsu do not have to be learnt, and are gained automatically.
The B - S rank jutsu must still be learnt per jutsu learning rules.

Weather Manipulation
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
CP: 0
Description: With the basis of their techniques, they all naturally can control the weather, though, only with a slight influence (Creating small drizzles, flurries of snow, etc.) With more chakra, this becomes one of their most lethal techniques.
PVP: Roleplay only. Genin may only control a small amount of the weather around them. (A 10 feet radius surrounding them.) Chuunin may control the weather of the area they are in. Jounin may control the weather of up to 3 areas away, or further depending on their abilities. (DM Discretion when in events)

Storm Substitution
Type: Storm Ninjutsu
Rank: E
CP: 3
Description: After handsealing, the Arashi member bursts into a storm cloud, causing their attacker to miss and possibly injuring the attacker if they were to close.
PVP: Substitution.1d4 DMG to Tai/Ken Attacker.

Trial Terms  with Approval:
[2016-10-03 1:26:26 AM] Joshie: Trial starts as of this post. Conditions are as follows)

1) Bloodline can be used as it's limitations allow.
2) No bonuses but genin and universal will be granted under "trial"
3) Jutsu may be submitted for approval and learnt via rules
4) Blooding will be RPly unlocked
5) Trial period will last till Shadowheart and Nightwolf have decided on the state of the bloodline
6) if the bloodline is found to be not acceptable, Saia will have the bloodline removed and sealed by Etsuko
7) if it is deemed to be acceptable, DM Kiba will pay the 200 tokens required to obtain the bloodline (If these tokens cannot be paid, he will be given a token credit and any token earnt will be removed from the token credit until such time as the credit is paid)
Cool The trial can be ended at anytime, given shadowheart and nightwolf choose to do so.
[2016-10-03 1:27:45 AM] Joshie: We all in agreeance?
[2016-10-03 1:28:19 AM] Dillon Edge: id be game for this. thankyou for thinking about me ^.^
[2016-10-03 1:28:27 AM] ShadowHeart: I'm okay with these terms.
[2016-10-03 1:28:36 AM] Joshie: Alright, it's accepted then.

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Saia Arashi Empty Re: Saia Arashi

Post by PawZ ~Ex Dm Kiba~ on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:35 pm

Saia Arashi Saia_311
Jutsu Learned
Wall/Tree Walking - 07 25 2016 Kisame Nara
Water Walking - 07 26 2016 Kisame Nara
Substitution - 08 02 2016 Kazumi Uchiha
Clone - 08 02 2016 Kazumi Uchiah
Henge Technique - 08 04 2016 Kazumi Uchiha
Rope Escape - 08 04 2016 Kazumi Uchiha
Cloak of Invisability - 08 07 2016 Kazumi Uchiha
Clone Technique 09 09 2016 Dm Iruka ( Tomoe Hyuuga )
Kai 09 09 2016 Dm Iruka ( Tomoe Hyuuga)
E Rank
Suiton: Water Gun10 11 2016 Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame
Suiton: Spray 10 16 2016 Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame
Raiton: Simple Shock 10 16 2016 Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame
Chakra Lance  10 23 2016 ( Yamato )
Fuuton: Flying Kunai - 08 05 2016 Kazumi Uchiha
Fuuton: Small Wind Blast -9 28 2016 Sensei Etsuko
Fuuton: Wind Scythe Technique 09 29 2016  Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame(AS DM)
Fuuton: Cyclone Kick 10 02 2016  Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame
Fuuton: Wind Bullet no Jutsu 10 03 2016  Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame
Fuuton: Whirlwind Prison 09 29 2016  Sensei Etsuko Kag'ame(AS DM)
Chakra Concentration: Core 10 11 2016 Etsuko Kag'ame
Fuuton: Snapping Air Bullet 10 22 2016
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PawZ ~Ex Dm Kiba~

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