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Ana Aburame

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As the oldest child to the current clan leader. Ana had a lot of expectations place upon at an early age. Every member of the clan exhibits a mutation after bonding with their swarm. Upon receiving hers, no one foresaw the quirk Ana gained. The ability to use another person's element but at the cost of not having one of her own.

Academy Life:
Time spent in school was spent in solitude. Some by choice but most, not so much. Trying to fit within some group was difficult but when your family practices involves having insects living inside. Creates a potent ward from any who don't fully understand the risks and responsibilities being a host to a symbiote bring. Though her experience with other humanoids was lacking. She didn't really feel truly alone with her hive.




[Kikaichu Host]
Universal: Does not gain Rank CP Bonus, +2 VS Wind Jutsu with Bug Techniques, -2 VS Fire Jutsu with Bug Techniques, Aburame may use Kikaichu to make basic attack's against targets (Uses turn). 1 SP) Basic attacks are rolled with WIS and deal Small Weapon Damage (Not Dual wield - Applies Damage bonus from Aburame Clan Only)
Genin: +1 to WIS Rolls, +1d4 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Chuunin: +2 to WIS Rolls, +1d6 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Jounin: +3 to WIS Rolls, +1d8 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Note: Some Aburame techniques can target either HP or CP. ANY damage bonus gained from Abilities / Jutsu referring to damage, does NOT apply to CP damage. only HP Damage. Basic attacks MAY Damage CP (But Cannot damage HP if this is chosen), but only do 1/2 of the damage rolled. (ONLY the Bonus Damage from Aburame included)

[Hive Bodies]
Universal: SP - SP is a seperate pool and is equal to 1/2 Level + WIS mod that Bug Techniques can be used with instead of CP. 1 SP = 2 CP. May use SP and CP to pay for a jutsu (E.G 2 SP and 1 CP to use a 5 CP jutsu). SP cannot be targted by CP Damage. If user reaches 0 CP, However, they are still Defeated. SP starts at 0 for every fight.
(Note: “Overpaying” with SP for an appropriate CP cost (I.e, paying 3 SP for a 5 CP jutsu) does not restore any chakra to the user. Any excess chakra is lost.)
Genin: Generate 1 SP/round
Chuunin: Generate 2 SP/round, SP Pool starts at 1.
Jounin: Generate 2 SP/round, SP Pool starts at 2.

[Advanced Breed]
Universal: +2 HP Regen
Genin: +1 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +5 Total HP
Chuunin: +2 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +10 Total HP
Jounin: +3 DR vs HP/CP Dmg, +10 Total HP

[Hive Mother]
Though slightly larger than the average Destruction beetle. The hive mother releases a chemical pheromones which attracts nearby potential mates.
Universal: 3 CP to Activate +2 CP to Maintain; Self-Buff, Concentration + WIS mod Subs Spot & Listen checks.
Genin: Chakra Sensory, can track + 0 Area away
Chunin: Chakra Sensory, can track + 1 Area away
Jonin: Chakra Sensory, can track + 1 Area away

[Drain Essence]
Aburame, signature weapon, the destruction beetle are renown for their ability to drain life and energy from what ever they feed from. Using this ability, certain properties can be cultivated and used to better the breed and the family as a whole.
Universal: 1 SP) Aburame basic attack. User has no Natural Chakra Affinity, but gains a temporary [Basic] Element from the target. Target chooses element taken and cannot repeat choice if attacked multiple times. Effect lasting 1d4+1 turns.
Genin: +2 SP) Learns/Uses up to D rank
Chunin: +2 SP) Learns/Uses up to C rank
Jonin: +2 SP) Learns/Uses up to B rank
NOTE: Via Temp Element, May learn Jutsu of that affinity normally. But use is disabled without the Element.
NOTE: Each successful attack applies to new element [Max 3 elements], each new application resets duration  

[Essence Fusion]
After hard study and experimentation. Ana has unlocked the ability to use an enemy's techniques for her own use through the use of her insects and her enemy's life force. Strengthening her and her allies with new abilities to even the battlefield.
Universal: Requires 'Drain Essence' active, Gains target's ACN during Drain Essence duration
Universal: May learn/use ACN technique of appropriate rank

NOTE: Must have owner's permission to learn/use techniques

[Perfected Host]
Ana has spent countless hours perfecting her control over the Kikaichu and thus creating a bond with them that only she can understand. The bugs are so close to Ana, that they are literally able to act as if they understand every thought Ana is going to have, before she has it. Thus creating, what is to be considered, The Perfect Kikaichu Host.
Universal: +2 WIS Rolls, Additional 1 SP Regen Per Round
Genin: +10 HP, +1d4 Damage with Kikaichu Attacks, -0 CP / 1 SP on Clan Jutsu
Chunin: +15 HP, +1d6 Damage with Kikaichu Attacks, -2 CP / 1 SP on Clan Jutsu
Jonin: +20 HP, +1d8 Damage with Kikaichu Attacks, -2 CP / 2 SP on Clan Jutsu

[Kikaichu Katon No Hogo]
Spending months under the constant flames and continual feeding on the burning essence of fire energy. The Aburame have gained a new level of understanding and evolution.
Universal: Ana gains +2 to Fire Jutsu / Users with her Kikaichu (Aburame Negatives no longer apply)
Genin: +2 DR vs. Fire DMG, +05 Total HP
Chunin: +4 DR vs. Fire DMG, +10 Total HP
Jonin: +6 DR vs. Fire DMG, +15 Total HP
NOTE: DR Includes DoT if it is burn damage

Ana Aburame
Voice Actors
Miyu Matsuki
Birth Date
15th day of the 7th Month
63 inches
84 lb
Blood Type
Kekkei Genkai
Aburame and Kichida clans
Ninja Rank
Special Jonin
Ninja Registration
Academy Grad. Age
Chunin Promotion Age

Father: Unknown
Mother: Tita Aburame
Siblings: Kana and Mana Aburame (Younger twins), Migi Aburame (Youngest brother)
Nature Type



Tool Own/Max

  • Explosive Tags: 1/2
       DF: An Explosive Tag can explode if activated by chakra. You can use the explosive tag with DEX (Sticking it to the Oppnent) or WIS / INT (Drop it as a Trap, use with Jutsu) Every tag does 2d10 damage, Unblockable.
  • Kunai: 3/10
       DF: Kunai knives take a DEX / STR roll to connect, and do Damage depending on your characters experience with them. You may throw multiple kunai to a maximum of 5. If you throw Multiple then it becomes that many attack rolls, but each Kunai thrown past 1 makes a -1. So if you attack with 3, and roll a 25 attack, the first Kunai attack is 25, second is 24, and third is 23. The opponent then Defends with one roll vs all Three kunai. Throwing with STR adds STR bonus, but you may not throw multiple Kunai. Note: The final Damage on multiple kunai is Qualified as One Hit vs DR. So if your Opponent has 6 DR, it isnt 6 DR vs Each Kunai that hits, its all three Kunai Dmg added together vs the 6 DR.
  • Shuriken: 3/10
       DF: Same rules that apply to Kunai apply to Shuriken.
  • Smoke Bombs: 0/2
       DF: Smoke bombs can be used for two things. It can let your shinobi hide, or it can cover the enemy so they cant see. Smoke bombs used to hide a shinobis presence gives the shinobi a +5 to hide and enables him to Hide. (Even if he already has hidden himself once before) Smoke bombs thrown at opponents uses DEX to hit and if connected gives the opponent -1 to rolls for 1d4 rounds.
  • Military Ration Pills: 2/2
       DF: Military Ration pills restore chakra. Eating a pill takes 1 round. Afterward, each round you recover recover 2d4 CP for 1d4+2 rounds. Note: Miltary ration pills are capped at two.
  • Windmill Shuriken: 0/2
       DF: The windmill shuriken takes a DEX roll to connect. It does Normal Rank Damage + 1d10. It can be dodged and blocked normally.
  • Poison Smoke Bomb: 0/2
       DF: This is a simple poison smoke bomb. You throw it at your opponent using DEX. They can dodge or block normally. If it hits it does not damage that round. However, after that, on your turn, it does 1d4+1 Damage a round bypassing DR for 2 rounds.
  • Caltrops: 0/2
       DF: Scattering caltrops takes 1 turn. It’s a DEX / WIS / INT roll v.s your opponents defensive roll. If you succeed, they take -1 to their Str/Dex Rolls, and 1d4+1 Damage for 1d6 rounds. (See Set Trap skill below)
  • Senbon: 1/10
       DF: Senbon are acupuncture needles. Throwing them takes a dex roll. If they connect, they cause 1d4+1 damage bypassing DR, if the Natural Attack roll is 15-20, then The target is physically stunned for one round or until hit.
  • Ninja Wire: 1/2
       DF: Ninja wire are used by using DEX / WIS / INT roll vs opponents roll. If hit the target is Physically stunned for one round or until Hit.

    Tool Combos
  • Kunai + Explosive Tag
       DF: By using a kunai and a explosive tag, binding them together. A shinobi can throw it at a opponent, making it stab into their body and then explode. Does Kunai Rank Damage + 1d10 (uses up 1 kuna and 1 explosive tag), +3 Vs Block.
  • Kunai + Ninja Wire
       DF: By attaching ninja wire to a Kunai or a Shuriken the shinobi can roll a DEX roll -2 to capture and damage the opponent. Does Shuriken / Kunai Rank Damge and Physically stuns for one round or until Hit. (Uses up 1 wire and 1 Kunai or Shuriken)


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Re: Ana Aburame

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Token Spend list

Paid 500 promo/event tokens to Dunge Onmaster/Blackplaga
*base 35 to 42 wisdom score
*base 22 to 42 constitution score
*base 18 to 34 strength score
*base 10 to 26 intelligence score
*One Senbon

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