[Konohagakure] Mokuton

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[Konohagakure] Mokuton

Post by N:RE DM Team on Thu May 12, 2016 7:43 pm

(100 Tokens)

A scattered ability trait, remnants of a once powerful clan, that existed before the shinobi villages. Rumored to be related to the first shinobi, they have powerful traits, and even learn to create their wooden element before the age of five. Shinobi born of this specific bloodline are randomly born.. Quite literally, it is a hidden gene in most Konohagakure shinobi, however the trait itself only surfaces once every few generations, or sometimes in a small family.. but it never carries on to the children directly after.

Members like this, even in contrast to their parents, have green or brown eyes, and dark brown hair, or sometimes even black. They tend to excel quickly as shinobi, and are very friendly towards their allies. They are rarely outcasts of the village, and make the best teachers.


[Ancient Blood]
As the shinobi capable of the Mokuton release are nearly ancient, they have a long-lasting life span, and can even live for quite a while, well after a normal shinobi has died. Lives for 20 years more then most Humans, so 120 Years maximum.

Universal: Starts with Water/Earth/Wood Elements, Gains Third Base Element at Jounin
Genin: +1 HP/CP Regen, +5 HP
Chunin: +2 HP/CP Regen, +10 HP
Jounin: +3 HP/CP Regen, +10 HP


[Natural Prodigies]
A Mokuton user is born into their family, well skilled in most areas. They can use their wood-release traits, but are also prominent in most other areas as well.

Universal: +5 to all Learning Rolls
Genin: +1 Wisdom Rolls, +5 Total CP
Chunin: +2 Wisdom, +10 Total CP
Jounin: +3 Wisdom, +10 Total CP


As there are usually few Mokuton users at any given time, usually, the jutsu they learn, are those they create themselves. They may create two jutsu of E/D/C/B-Rank, but only one A/S-Rank. These may be taught to other Mokuton users, as long as they're still alive.


[Guardian of the Forest]
(100 Tokens - Enhanced Bloodline)
Some members of the Mokuton traits become protectors of the places they call home, to the extent that they would give their own life, rather than see even a rabbit die. They become much more effective at guarding their targets, as well as becoming quicker so they can keep up.

Universal: May defend for others as a free action once per round, or may defend for others twice a round at a cost of your next turn / If defending for an ally fails, the Mokuton user looses his next turn, however, the ally gains the user's DR against the attack.
Genin: +1 ATK/DEF Rolls, +5 HP/CP, +2 DR vs HP DMG
Chunin: +2 ATK/DEF Rolls, +10 HP/CP, +3 DR vs HP DMG
Jounin: +3 ATK/DEF Rolls, +10 HP/CP, +4 DR vs HP DMG
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