[Kirigakure] Shi'Gawa

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[Kirigakure] Shi'Gawa

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(150 Tokens)

The Shi’gawa, though not a huge family, was a unique form of bloodline first native to the Land of Rain and often confused with a simple clan. Though now a few still remain in this dark, damp place, most of the family now have chosen to adopt the roll of wandering between villages helping those who can afford their service and unique traits. Often called gypsies by most villages they usually avoid actually entering the villages themselves and it is often rare for a Shi’gawa to settle and serve another village.

The Shi’gawa have never truly had an appointed leader which often leads to rather deadly fights between their numbers which is one reason most of them do not usually survive to be above the age of forty if they are lucky, the other reason is that they are extremely wary of being in and around outsiders to long and tend not to have many children when they do find a partner.

Though when a Shi’gawa does have a child they are trained extremely well in the same skills nearly every Shi’gawa is trained in, first they are trained to use either one or two blades from the age they are able to hold even a basic butter knife, secondly they are trained to be skilled medics first only practicing with bandages and lotions but quickly moving to chakra related arts.

And when the Shi’gawa is finally old enough they are given their own set of unique blades, a custom design unique only to that particular person in which they are told “Your weapon is more precious to you than the life of your closest friend, care for it and take care of it as if it was a living creature” and this is what they live by most of their life, tending only to replace their blades once or twice in their life.


[Well Built]
The Shi’gawa seem to have a slightly unique body set when compared to the usual run of the mill shinobi. Put through an intense work out regime from the day they are able to properly walk, their bodies have been trained and built for speed, agility and flexibility. This allows them to contort to many unusual and different shapes both during and out of combat. Their chakra network in many ways is slightly tied with their own physical fitness, which means for the Shi’gawa, the faster and nimbler their physical body gets, the more developed and responsive their chakra network becomes. This can often result in slightly faster speed in both their physical attacks but also increases their bodies damage threshold and the amount of chakra they are able to expend. This unique body is also the staple for most of their other combat related abilities.

Universal: +2 HP Regeneration, Start's with Medical Element (Gains no more unless Medical Protégée is bought)
Genin: +1 Dexterity Rolls, +10 HP, +10 Heal Skill
Chunin: +2 Dexterity Rolls, +15 HP, +20 Heal Skill
Jounin: +3 Dexterity Rolls, +20 HP, +30 Heal Skill


[Master Sword Techniques]
“Your weapon is more precious to you than the life of your closest friend, care for it and take care of it as if it was a living creature” This motto is taught to every young Shi’gawa from the point they are able to hold their first knife, which can lead to a sort of obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to their blade collection. If one is not on the receiving end of their blade, it would be easy to see how well kept they are, often at times cleaner than the person wielding them and never ever dull. This obsession is not without its benefits though, they often learn to add their momentum into each strike making it seem like they strike with much more force than they actually are and they are often seldom at a disadvantage with their choice of weapon. Due to the extreme training with their blades, The Shi'gawa develop a form of bond with them. This causes their chakra to flow through the blades as if part of the Shi'gawa network, Giving the blades a bright coloured glow when the blades are drawn and in use. The colour of this glow is also directly affected by the situation and mood the Shi'gawa may be on a the time.

Universal: No medium weapon penalties, No Dual wield penalties, Medium weapons do Large weapon damage - Must have 8 STR mod (If Dual Wielding, Offhand = Medium Weapon).
Academy Student: +1 Kenjutsu Damage, Bonus Kenjutsu Damage Pierces DR
Genin: +1d4 Kenjutsu Damage, Bonus Kenjutsu Damage Pierces DR
Chunin: +1d6 Kenjutsu Damage, Bonus Kenjutsu Damage Pierces DR
Jounin: +1d8 Kenjutsu Damage, Bonus Kenjutsu Damage Pierces DR

Bonus Damage refers to damage gained from Master Sword Techniques ability only and the static DR Pierce cap applies


[Feral Fury Stance]
When entering this mode the Shi'gawa undergoes some temporary physical changes. The most notable of these is the growth of the hair from their head which varies from person to person. The second is their eyes, The pupils would narrow vertically much like that if a wild animal. The users judgement is often hindered and they can be provoked easily and sometimes loose control causing them to attack allies if they are not careful due to more animalistic urges such as defending people they care about fiercely. When in this mode the users speed is greatly increased and they are able to increase their own damage at the expense of leaving themselves open for attack.

5 cp activation, 2 per round (Not subject to CP reduction)

+2 Attack Rolls, -1 Defence Rolls
19-20 Crit Range with Katana's,
Dex based attacks gain STR bonus damage,
Free action to activate or deactivate.
Cannot use anything but Kenjutsu during Activation


[Medical Protégée]
(100 Tokens)
As their fighting style can often leave some odd wounds and damage their own bodies in unique ways, the Shi’gawa often make very highly skilled medics both in the field and hospital, easily adapting to most medical emergencies that seem to come their way. This also seems to grant them an improved skill in finding flaws and quickly noting them for both themselves and others later on. This increases their abilities both with medical techniques and other elemental jutsu due to the fact the training increases their chakra control, they are often sought after for in hospitals as they have a wider knowledge of injuries and can treat wounds with a slightly higher healing rate.

Universal: Gains Inton & Dark Medical cannot gain further elements.
Genin: +1 to Wisdom Rolls, +10 CP, +1d4 Healing Jutsu / Dark Medical Damage
Chunin: +2 to Wisdom Rolls, +15 CP, +1d6 Healing Jutsu / Dark Medical Damage
Jounin: +3 to Wisdom Rolls, +20 CP, +1d6 Healing Jutsu / Dark Medical Damage

Note: Shi'gawa may not purchase any form of Kenjutsu Specialization from within the Server Special Abilities.
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