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[Kumogakure] Yotsuki

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[Yotsuki Clan]
(200 Tokens)

All Yotsuki members are of ebony-skinned origin, origin and many of them have very light hair colors, a very rare few hold darker colored hair to match their skin. They are often quite muscular and focus heavily on Taijutsu and Lightning element Jutsu. By wrapping their bodies in a layer of Lightning chakra, the Yotsuki clansmen can electrically stimulate their nervous system and speed up their neural synapses to react faster to danger and push their physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing them to gain tremendous raw speed and monstrous power.

The technique was originally created long ago in the Hidden Cloud Village for the purpose of enhancing a Shinobi enough to be able to crush anyone that came in their way. But it proved impossible for any ordinary ninja to handle the enormous amount of chakra needed to create the Raiton Armor without harming themselves in the process. The repeated failures and shortcomings of the technique keeps reappearing until a member of the already prominent Yotsuki clan learnt about it and demanded to be taught the dangerous technique. This young Shinobi then went on to master it completely, his heritage giving him the ability to easily control huge amounts of chakra with relative ease, he eventually had several children who where all taught the Raiton Armor and thus elevated the Yotsuki clan to new heights.

The Raikage has shown amazing ability while using the Lightning Release Armor in connection to his already noteworthy physical prowess. While using this technique, his reflexes are comparable to that of the Fourth Hokage, making it difficult, if not impossible, even for the Sharingan to keep up with him. By combining this armor with the Body Flicker Technique, he can even dodge the Amaterasu at the last second with ease, and dodge Jugo's Cursed Seal Chakra Blast at point blank range. His strength is also heightened enough to make his strikes cause enormous amounts of damage to whatever they strike.

Killer Bee on the other hand has abandoned the use of the Raiton no Yoroi for them more easily accessible Demon Cloak which he easily can control because of his Yotsuki training. This leaves him on par with his brother the Raikage, a feat that would normally be mostly unrealistic.


[Advanced Raiton Training]
The Yotsuki, being the clan in which every great Kumogakure Shinobi has ever hailed from, is one of the most advanced training from birth. They are taught to walk and run, far before even training, gaining muscle mass and sheer physical abilities before they even reach the idea of any form of Combat abilities or chakra abilities. After this they begin intense chakra based training, to perfect their very nature of the Raiton techniques that rush through their very bodies.

Universal: +10 Total CP, Start with Lightning Element
Genin: +2 to Lightning Jutsu Rolls, +1d4 to Lightning Jutsu Damage, Lightning Jutsu has a 19-20 Crit Range
Chunin: +3 to Lightning Jutsu Rolls, +1d6 to Lightning Jutsu Damage, Lightning Jutsu has a 18-20 Crit Range
Jounin: +4 to Lightning Jutsu Rolls, +1d8 to Lightning Jutsu Damage, Lightning Jutsu has a 17-20 Crit Range


[Raiton Armor]
5 CP to Activate, 2 CP to Maintain
The Clan is able to wrap their natural Raiton Abilities around their very form, this raiton armor drastically increase their speed to insane levels of power and Teleportational speed, on top of insane destructive Taijutsu and Ninjutsu power, making them masters of their own powers and abilities.

Universal: All 'Advanced Raiton Training' Bonuses are changed from Just Raiton, to Universal Crit Range/Damage Bonus, and Attack/Defense Roll Bonuses.
Genin: Base Taijutsu Damage is Medium Weapon Damage, No Penalties. Taijutsu Attacks Peirce's 1 DR Passively.
Chunin: Base Taijutsu Damage is Large Weapon Damage, No Penalties. Taijutsu Attacks Peirce's 2 DR Passively.
Jounin: Base Taijutsu Damage is Large Weapon Damage, No Penalties. Taijutsu Attacks Peirce's 3 DR Passively.



Flash Lightning
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: More potent than normal man made lightning this jutsu uses the bodies own electrons to augment the output of the electrical discharge.
PvP Effect: 1d10+2 damage

Storm Cloud
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: By supercharging the atmosphere around them a talented Yotsuki can create a field of low voltage static electricity around themselves. Anyone within the immediate area of the localized burst can expect a lingering effects of the neural assault.
PvP Effect: AoE explosive tag radius, 1d10 Lightning DMG + 1d4 Lightning DMG per round for 2 Rounds.

Lightning Strikes The Mountain
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: One of the specialized taijutsu techniques Yotsuki develop allows them to assault a target anywhere from five to fifty times in seconds. The nature of the assault deprives each point of contact of any strong impact but each repeated touch discharges more and more electricity through the body, ensuring cramping nerves and terrible pain.
PvP Effect: Unarmed Rank DMG + 1d6 + 2 Lightning DMG.

Rolling Thunder
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: This advanced taijutsu technique blends the rapid movement and chakra control of a Body Flicker with the sheer destructive force of the Iron fist. Unlike other of the Yotsuki abilities. It is not solely by itself generated by electricity. But the terrifying byproduct of thunder. Each Blow resonates in the air, giving the attacker opportunities for assault as well as the explosive discharge of chakra.
PvP Effect: Must know body flicker or a equivalent. + 2 to ATK Roll. Unarmed Rank DMG + 2d6 Sound DMG. (Sound dmg bypasses DR)

Flash Step
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: By supercharging their body with pure electricity Yotsuki can augment their speed and damage by imbuing them with primal energy. it’s a dangerous technique and can not be done often less the body reject the stimulant and cause stress on the heart.
PvP Effect: + 2 DEX Rolls and add 1d4+1 Lightning DMG to Taijutsu ATKs for 1d4+1 Rounds.
Note: For 10 CP can be used as a Free Action on the Yotsuki's Turn

Chain Lightning
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 10
Description: By compressing lightning into their palms and threading it along their body a talented Yotsuki can guide the electricity from one target to the next. Using the water in their bodies as conducting jump points between targets.
PvP Effect: 4d6 Lightning DMG AoE explosive tag radius (Max. 3). If targeting multiple target's non-primary targets take 3d6 Lightning DMG instead.

Lightning Bolt
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 10
Description: A powerful technique that spears lightning into a long rod that can be hurled at and through a target. At the end of its trajectory the rod detonates. Scattering into the surroundings objects or people. This makes this a perfect jutsu to use against guardians and protectors.
PvP Effect: 3d10+2 Lightning DMG (Enemies directly behind target must defend or take 1/2 DMG)

Electromagnetic Murder
Jutsu Type:
Rank: A
Cp: 15
Description: One of the higher end and lethal of the Yotsuki jutsu. Utilizing nothing but sheer undiluted lightning and focused will a Master of Ninjutsu can bend the element to there will and send it coursing through a single body and nothing more. With a single touch they can confine the volatile energy into one package and force It to remain until it dies out. The sheer agony of housing that much energy alone is staggering, and those who survive that and the aftereffects are never quite right again, more than a few develop a terrible pathological fear of electricity for all of their days.
PvP Effect: Unblockable, Deal 6d6 Lightning DMG bypassing 4 DR, +2 vs Dodge

Tachyon Field
Jutsu Type: Nintaijutsu Kinjutsu (Requires DEX/STR or WIS to use)
Rank: S
Cp: 25 + 2d6 HP DMG per atk over 2. x 1 per battle
Description: Tachyons are particles that can move faster than light. With proper training and resolve a Grandmaster of the Yotsuki arts can create a field of these dangerous particles. The effects within the field are akin to time manipulation. The user imbues themselves with enough of the particles to move faster than light. Though doing this is extremely taxing and highly destructive to the hosts body. Though shrewd use of this ability can spell the outcome of a battle as the victim suffers the assault of a high powered instantaneous assault.
PvP Effect: User performs up to 1d4+1 ATKs simultaneously dealing Base Unarmed Rank DMG that bypass 5 DR each attack.

Ligar Bomb
Jutsu Type: Nintaijutsu Kinjutsu (Requires DEX/STR or WIS to use)
Rank: S
Cp: 30
Description: By grasping the target by the Arms, or waistline, they flip them upside down, before slamming them down releasing enough chakra to spike them temporarily to Tailed Beast levels, the Chakra blasting out at such high levels that it blasts apart the target with such severe Raiton energies.
PvP Effect: Deals Taijutsu Damage +2d10+5d4+10 Damage Bypassing all DR.


[Perfected Raiton Armor]
(100 Tokens, Legendary Bloodline)
The Yotsuki has gained the perfected form of their Raiton armor, taking it a step further so their very armor is like a suit of pure Raiton energy, allowing them to simply shrug off incoming Riaton based attacks as if they didn't even exist, on top of the ability to not only move at far greater speeds, but also Combat others with such devastating force that to even take one hit from the Yotsuki is to ask for a devastating and light threatening blow.

Universal: +10 Total CP, All Below Bonuses are Only Active When 'Raiton Armor' Is Active.
Genin: +1 Attack/Defense Rolls, Immune to E-C Rank Lightning Jutsu (6 DR vs B-S Rank), +1d4 Taijutsu Damage
Chunin: +1 Attack/Defense Rolls, Immune to E-B Rank Lightning Jutsu (8 DR vs A-S Rank), +1d6 Taijutsu Damage
Jounin: +2 Attack/Defense Rolls, Immune to E-A Rank Lightning Jutsu (10 DR vs S Rank), +1d8 Taijutsu Damage
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